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Do you think its normal for some people to?


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  • Matty Markov -

    Replied to the thread Do you think its normal for some people to?.

    If something is not very common, that's pretty much the definition of not normal. But that doesn't mean it's bad. As long as the underwear is washed every day or two, I think wearing the same pair every day is totally fine. After a couple of days of not…
  • HaileyM -

    Replied to the thread Please help me someone. PLEASE.

    See thinks your a creep becos from her view you just came out of nowhere. That is creepy. I don't know how you get over her but you can stop this from happening again by being friends first. I guess you learned this lesson the hard way.
  • Dave402 -

    Replied to the thread Cum/Ejaculation Survey.

    Cummed while someone else watched? Yes -Watched someone else cum? Yes -Cummed on someone else’s body? Yes clothed or naked? Bot where? Clothed chest, naked stomach -Let someone cum somewhere on your body? No clothed or naked? where? -Cummed on…
  • mandy2012au -

    Posted the thread Do you think its normal for some people to?.

    I know it wouldn't be very common but do you think its normal for some people to wear the same underwear for days or even weeks at a time?
  • dmaxd123 -

    Replied to the thread rate mee.

    8 you are a cute woman
  • nerdyniky -

    Liked isa_bella340’s post in the thread Last time you masturbated?.

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    last night,and creamed myself really hard. probably going to finger again soon.
  • AshleyRose -

    Replied to the thread rate mee.

    I'd say a 7. Odd camera angle but thats ok. (I'm not usually attracted to blondes but I know thats not your fault so thats why I resorted to a 7)
  • AshleyRose -

    Posted the thread Random Thoughts and Issues.

    I don't know if this is going to be long or short (its long) but I have some ^insert title from above^. First, a few days ago someone in my family has read my journal because they completely dropped it and it came apart and they put it back. I write very…
  • Matty Markov -

    Replied to the thread Ways to enhance masturbation? (Guys).

    Yeah, I edge all the time. It's more time masturbating but damn does it feel good... :D
  • isa_bella340 -

    Liked Matty Markov’s post in the thread rate mee.

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    From what I can see, I'll give it a 9. But that's kind of a guess with the camera blocking you. And the way it's shot makes your hand look unusually large, lol. Love your hair and the jacket, though.