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How to ask out your gay friend when you're in the closet?


addie awesomeness!

What do you girls think I should do? Helppp!



Underwear type and color



weight tracking


Do girls like sending nudes



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  • addie awesomeness! -

    Replied to the thread How to ask out your gay friend when you're in the closet?.

    i know this was posted a while back, and my advice may not even be helpful anymore, but what I suggest doing is leaving a little note in his locker (anonymously if you want) and ask him to meet you at _insert private place of choice_ and see how it turns…
  • Mirandagurl -

    Replied to the thread What do you girls think I should do? Helppp!.

    well another funny thing is how im the little sister (in terms of age) but am the tallest of them hehe
  • Mirandagurl -

    Replied to the thread Underwear type and color.

    some of my blue panties todays choice
  • bighands -

    Liked stiller’s post in the thread PUBLIC HARD ON!!!!!!!!!.

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    Quote from bighands: “Hehe!!!! Its like I get at least 1 every 2 hours or so even if Ive jerked off my morning wood!!!n man when I dont jerk off in the morning its like Im ALWAYS either half or fully hard HAHA!!!! ” I can totally relate ahah
  • Mirandagurl -

    Posted the thread weight tracking.

    What's the best way to track ones weight? where do you go to check yours? I was thinking of having a look on mine every now and then once my diet plan is renewed obvs
  • jake16 -

    Liked Lorraine02’s post in the thread Nude beach.

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    Is that wrong I like to show off my body? Or that I love to look at all the nude men??
  • Mirandagurl -

    Replied to the thread Do girls like sending nudes.

    i wish people especially my fellow gals would not degrade themselfs like that i like someone in their underwear but has to be something even if just a guy in a thong or girl in her bra and g string