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Which subjects do you like most in school?


Catt Robertson

always the best friend


Best friends in relationships with best friends


Switching friend groups


Could you give me your opinion ? Who is the most popular teenage girl in the world now?



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  • Catt Robertson -

    Replied to the thread Which subjects do you like most in school?.

    I really enjoyed Biology and History. Also I find some specific part of Physics interesting for me (but not when it comes to practice, no way I can ever understand how to manage with it). However, I had to use Essays On Time a couple of times to get…
  • cody190rosewood -

    Posted the thread always the best friend.

    Hi. I wanted to ask about how to get guys to like you. Growing up I have always been the middle man between my best friend and the cute guys, yet none have ever showed interest in me. I don’t know what to do to get the attention, or get them to like…
  • cody190rosewood -

    Posted the thread Best friends in relationships with best friends.

    Hi. so I am faced with the issue of my two best friends in the entire word, dating two guys who are also best friends. They do thing together, and whenever I come I’m a fifth wheel, or I don’t even get asked. they wee even planning a Trip to…
  • cody190rosewood -

    Posted the thread Switching friend groups.

    Hi, so at the beginning of our senior year of high school, our friend group started to split in half, because of various reasons. Me and another girl were trying to get in with this other friend group who is super fun and positive, but also super close…
  • Anybody else has an opinion about this? ;)
  • jennie56 -

    Posted the thread Any insights about laser resurfacing?.

    Hi!! I have acne since I was 13 years old. My mom said it will fade away as she had it when she was young. But I couldn't see any changes so far. I'm 25 years old. This acne has affected me very badly. I lost the confidence to stand in public because of…
  • atruelove13 -

    Posted the thread The Romance Tour That Made Me Meet & Marry the Love of My Life.

    Have you ever had an experience so literally life-changing that you wonder if it was the work of fate itself? I met my wife Olga in Ukraine when I tried one of those fancy romance tours, where you meet hundreds of women (15-20-1 ratio) during …
  • Urdreamz -

    Replied to the thread Hey Hey :).

  • Cloutgod -

    Replied to the thread I Love to do modelling.

    Hi I don’t think you need surgery for modeling just take a look at today’s top models. Gigi hadid, Bella hadid, Kendall Jenner,and a bunch of other models which have small breasts. I mean personally I believe small breasts have incorporated their way…
  • hey, thanks a lot :thumbup: I didn't even know this girl "Danielle Bregoli" existed. :) :) By searching I even found someone called "Malu Trevejo", which seems popular too. More names/opinions are very welcome! thanks J.