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  • Boogerboss -

    Replied to the thread Ultimate survey for boys.

    General 1. How old are you? 14 2. Where are you from (country/state or province or county)? Iowa, USA 3. What is your ethnicity? White 4. What is your sexual orientation (straight, straight but curious, bi, gay, unsure)? Straigt 5. Do you have a…
  • ThatUserYouKnwo -

    Replied to the thread What are You Listening To?.

    Post…mX7aPg?view_as=subscriber I Love finding different indie artist like him. You can find some pretty cool sounds lol
  • samsingh -

    Posted the thread Which Website Design Is Best. Please Suggest..

    Hello Everyone :) I am thinking of making a website from a web designing company - web design Essex. But I am lil bit confused between two website designs. Help me which one is best. Design 1 - Design 2 -
  • optimus -

    Posted the thread Military diet.

    Hello, I am 12 years old (i know im not a teen yet but i need some advice so help me out) and was 99.6 pounds. I tried the Military Diet, and did all 3 days (i cheated a bit, i had 2 extra saltine crackers, i skipped greenbeans because i was nauseated by…
  • Alisia -

    Replied to the thread What are You Listening To?.

    I usually listen to rock or an alternative, but I have not seen any good songs from the new one for a long time. So I'm just listening to the radio, for example ,I like that there is a lot of music and it doesn't get…
  • minijoy66 -

    Posted the thread My son's dream.

    Hi, my son is selected for the next month's football match. Yesterday evening while practicing he fell down on the ground and his shoulder got injured. He came home with a swollen shoulder. Immediately I made him apply the ointment but there was no…
  • amalu -

    Posted the thread Good Food at Kochi.

    Hey all, I just want to know about the best restaurants in Kochi. Could you guys help me? I want to know about the restaurants near airport. Please help me out. Waiting for your replies. Thank you in advance.
  • jackson1978 -

    Posted the thread Girlfriend wants to move here with me..what should I say?.

    I met my girlfriend through an international matchmaking site. We’ve been dating for over 6 months now and things between us are going really well. Lately, she has been talking about moving here. Even though I like the idea of us being able to date…
  • Lisag -

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    Why can't I upload a photo?
  • Natalii -

    Liked allout-stuff’s post in the thread How does a vibrator/dildo feel?.

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    I thought your so post to answer the QUS. Not talk about all this bull shit --------wow just don't get it