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rate me boys



Do you like writing essays?



Am I flirting with my best friend??


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addie awesomeness!

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  • mitchyboo -

    Replied to the thread hey.

    thanks I know i am. now fuck off please
  • RyRy -

    Replied to the thread rate me boys.

    Another pic ;) :P
  • _raven_ -

    Replied to the thread Do you like writing essays?.

    Yes, I adore writing in general and essays for my studying too, I always liked reading and practicing with my own writing so this kind of work has never been a problem for me :) The hardest things for me were always writing about topics which seemed…
  • addie awesomeness! -

    Posted the thread Am I flirting with my best friend??.

    hey guys. So... I have this friend. She is my bff and has been for at least a year. One day, she says, "I have something to tell you." "Okay wassup?" "Promise not to treat me any different?" "Yeah, of course!" "I'm bisexual." Wasn't a big deal. Then…
  • addie awesomeness! -

    Replied to the thread Relationship advice.

    any time! :D
  • Purple_Star -

    Posted the thread Do you like writing essays?.

    What's the most hard thing for you in this?
  • DuderTall -

    Posted the thread My GF's Being Bullied.

    So, I am dating this girl Jenna. I think you can safely say we are a hugging couple. lol. She gets bullied alot, and we actually "met" while she was crying her eyes out after school and I gave her a hug. She knew me before that, but we weren't like…
  • _raven_ -

    Replied to the thread VPN.

    Considering how many such services there are, it really depends on your certain needs/wishes :) In general a really good VPN should combine four important things, I mean privacy, speed, cost and location. And of course the paid ones are better than free…
  • OhBoy -

    Replied to the thread Should I stop smoking for my gf?.

    Lol If she doesn't fuck with you, just switch to vaping. There are a lot of e-liquids with nicotine which could fit (i'm not gonna write a novel on vaporizers - just read Vaping Daily) But make sure, my friend, the girl is worth it.