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Lessening the stigma about online dating


She thinks I'm cheating. I'm not


Sunday togeter ---Fun Time


Could I possibly be pregnant?


Should I marry him this early?


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  • bryone32 -

    Posted the thread Lessening the stigma about online dating.

    Online dating has been a great instrument for single mature personals looking for their true love. The rate of users in every dating sites in the internet has grown a lot and many relationship have arose, whether it may be relationship within borders or…
  • timothy22 -

    Posted the thread She thinks I'm cheating. I'm not.

    It’s very infuriating how my girlfriend likes to think that I’m cheating on her. How in the world could I cheat on her when I spend my days working and my nights with her on Skype or Facetime? I tell her everything that I do from waking up to going…
  • allout-stuff -

    Wrote a comment on Jamelae’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Hello there SO were you from?
  • Alsa12 -

    Posted the thread Could I possibly be pregnant?.

    So I had no sex with my BF but we have been playing. He came on my breasts, and then the semen has drained down to my vulva. I was sitting on a bed so it could have possibly reached the vaginal opening. I think it was somewhat in the middle of my…
  • cottoncandy -

    Posted the thread Should I marry him this early?.

    Troy and I met in a dating holiday tour in Shenzhen, China. It has been 5 months since we decided to be in a relationship. He is 40 years old, but I really don’t care about the age, in fact a mature guy knows how to care a relationship than the younger…
  • hunkyman -

    Posted the thread Filipino culture in their weddings.

    Months from now I’ll be tying the knot with my beautiful Philippine fiancée. I met her on an Asian date tour I attended a year ago. She was so beautiful that night, the only woman who stood out, the only woman I learned to love in an instant. I…
  • allout-stuff -

    Replied to the thread How many lesbians are here?.

    I am from New Jersey WOW coast to coast with the most me and my new friend BIMEX so e mail me sometime if you like to talk one on one…
  • bobbyA1966 -

    Posted the thread My brother's girlfriend is in love with me.

    Here’s my problem. My brother (54) met this girl on a foreign dating site and also bought a trip to one of their matchmaking tours too. That wasn’t really a problem for me. I mean it’s not something I would do but it’s not like i’m against it.…
  • steven22 -

    Posted the thread What’s a good wedding gift for my sister-in-law?.

    My eldest brother is finally getting married in a couple of months. A few weeks ago, my brother announced his engagement and introduced us to his fiancée. She’s a lovely lady from the Philippines. She doesn’t really speak much English but she’s…