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there is hope


Why so people find shame in online dating?


His daughter is even older than me


Malibu or Miami for Summer getaway with girlfriend


Rate my website?



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  • lifebegins -

    Posted the thread there is hope.

    TO ALL THOSE THAT HAVE LOST HOPE IN FINDING LOVE! Boy do I have news for you... I know dating sites are kind of outdated to the young people nowadays, but it was considered as a last resort. And thank God it was. I met the most wonderful woman in the…
  • confusewoman32 -

    Posted the thread Why so people find shame in online dating?.

    Why do people find online dating embarrassing? Does finding someone online really affect other people that much? I mean, if you met someone who is really meant for you and compatible to you, does it really even matter where or how you met them? Why…
  • lovelysofia27 -

    Posted the thread His daughter is even older than me.

    I met this very handsome and sweet man on a matchmaking tour where he came to meet me here in Ukraine. He took me to his home in Arizona. He told me before that he had a daughter. So he wanted me to meet her later that week. When I saw her I was shocked…
  • wilmor33 -

    Posted the thread Malibu or Miami for Summer getaway with girlfriend.

    My girlfriend and I want to spend some time on the beach during the summer. She hasn’t spent a lot of time in the beach growing up. She’s Canadian-born and spent most her life there so it’s all ice for her than waves and sand. Her parents met in an…
  • mrcoder -

    Replied to the thread Rate my website?.

    To be honest, it's not really that hard to code on animations with CSS, even with a pretty basi knowledge. All you have to do is look up some tutorials so you can go step by step. So I guess, your best shot is to just keep trying. ____________________
  • prettyashley -

    Posted the thread How to make Americans feel comfortable and welcome?.

    My sister and her fiance will set to tie the knot next month. They met in a foreign dating event in the Philippines last year. Her fiance’s family will come here in the Philippines as well, to attend the long-awaited marriage. You see, I want my…
  • kingzscott -

    Posted the thread Are these photos legit or not?.

    My friend suggested this foreign dating event which he took part last year. Yes, I am single and I’m looking for my bride, I don’t care if she’s from Asia or Latin America, what I need is a wife, that’s it! While browsing through the site he…
  • bryone32 -

    Posted the thread Lessening the stigma about online dating.

    Online dating has been a great instrument for single mature personals looking for their true love. The rate of users in every dating sites in the internet has grown a lot and many relationship have arose, whether it may be relationship within borders or…
  • timothy22 -

    Posted the thread She thinks I'm cheating. I'm not.

    It’s very infuriating how my girlfriend likes to think that I’m cheating on her. How in the world could I cheat on her when I spend my days working and my nights with her on Skype or Facetime? I tell her everything that I do from waking up to going…
  • allout-stuff -

    Wrote a comment on Jamelae’s wall.

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    Hello there SO were you from?