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Help me decide


My mom is getting married again



Need the best advice givers please


love advice from an international dating blog


What career do you want to pursue



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  • saveee -

    Posted the thread Help me decide.

    We want to buy a new sofa, on the choice is huge, we can not decide. I liked the first option, and my husband second. We do not know what to choose)))), help. Which do you like more? I would appreciate…
  • saveee -

    Replied to the thread My mom is getting married again.

    If you love your mother, then you must accept her choice
  • aggieecho -

    Posted the thread Need the best advice givers please.

    Hey! I am looking for those who are great at sharing their opinions and giving advice. We are creating an on going ThinkTank with teenagers, to regularly share their opinions with a large global brand. Its about 30 minutes input a month, and we will pay…
  • VoltRage21 -

    Posted the thread love advice from an international dating blog.

    Break-ups are really hard to deal with. That’s what I learned from the past two months when I had to go through it. My girlfriend and I broke up and it took toll on me a lot. We just talked a week ago and it was quite great. We both admitted that we…
  • andrea94 -

    Replied to the thread What career do you want to pursue.

    I want to become a doctor. I moved to another country in order to do my favorite work for worthy money and I believe that in moving to another country there is nothing terrible :) Now I'm trying to get US citizenship. Also, through the Internet service …
  • Sofie_M -

    Replied to the thread What are you wearing right now....

    white sport bra and light blue short lycra shorts
  • classykajol1 -

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  • Tribal1470 -

    Posted the thread Some thai ladies are hitting on me. How to feel?.

    I went on a few other forums than this one and out of nowhere, some Thai ladies started hitting me up. It first started out with one persistent girl then a few more others start contacting me as well. Group of friends, perhaps? This is sort of freaky to…
  • anathiM -

    Replied to the thread Separation anxiety, how to deal with it?.

    No matter how healthy and wealthy one is, they can face anxiety at any point in life.She expresses how friend was in need of a friend in his phase of sadness and anxiety during the demise of his father. She adds that the manuscripts oh his book were…
  • Sofie_M -

    Replied to the thread Gay, lesbian or bisexual?.