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How many lesbians are here?



Anxiety Attacks


Do you lock your door to your room?



Seem to be getting interest from the most popular girl in my year! HELP!



having a rough time with high school love life?


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    Nobody knows I am bisexual except for my ex girlfriends...they haven't told a single person. Mom and dad are against same sex I am afraid to come out. What I'd I marry a girl one day? What will I do? How do I come out to mom and dad?
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    that sux, i'm in cali.
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    Hello, all. I just recently had an anxiety attack at, embarrassingly enough, my youngest sister's birthday party. I did not expect there to be a bunch of people there, who were all family I knew, but regardless, I felt overwhelmed and caught by
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    Never lock my door to my room
  • Nothing Wrong With That ------Carry on Monday in school -----Good Luck
  • Ok, so firstly, I am a COLOSSAL nerd. A couple of days ago, I was invited to a party, so I went along, just to be polite. I ended up quite enjoying it, even though I only stayed for the first few hours (it went on until 1 AM, apparently). Anyway, almost…
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    Hiah guys, i've posted on here before about some stuff but recently i've been having issues again I hate to say. In brief, i've had three major relationships in the past couple years, one with a girl who forced me through threatening to kill herself to…
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    If you're going to hit the town this evening and want some tactics to add to your repertoire and put into play immediately, then you must keep reading. These techniques don't require weeks of preparation. All you must do is understand the basic ideas,