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Naked with friends


Last time you masturbated?



Would you f**k the person above you?



Am i being messed around?



Is it tru what they say about guys with big feet?



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  • Forestfirefighter17 -

    Posted the thread Naked with friends.

    Has anyone ever played games or came up with situations to see their friends naked? what was the game or situation? Where was it? How old were you? Did it work? what did you see? I use to play truth or dare or strip pool to see my friends guys and…
  • Dave402 -

    Replied to the thread Last time you masturbated?.

    this morning
  • dmaxd123 -

    Replied to the thread Would you f**k the person above you?.

    probably, just looking at some of her responses guessing she would know how to have some fun
  • Forestfirefighter17 -

    Replied to the thread Am i being messed around?.

    Sounds like he can’t do just sex without feelings. Sleeping together would bring it back to dating which neither of you want. Having sex and no relationship is hard and can ruin things.
  • Forestfirefighter17 -

    Replied to the thread Is it tru what they say about guys with big feet?.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m 6ft 1” and have small feet size 9 for my height but have very large hands and my penis is 9.5” long and 5.2” around when hard.
  • mbc8706 -

    Replied to the thread what do you do with your pubes?.

    Once I have a few more, I guess I can decide what to do with then. For now, I’m just gonna let them come in a bit, there’s not much there right now lol
  • mbc8706 -

    Now follows BaileyG.

  • Forestfirefighter17 -

    Replied to a comment by Forestfirefighter17 on BaileyG’s wall.

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    Good thanks. What did you get up to today
  • spaceman05 -

    Liked Maddie69uk’s post in the thread Last time you masturbated?.

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    just done again had 8 orgasms this time, took about a hour, will do again later.
  • Asina -

    Replied to the thread Girls Orgasm Marathon Survey (girls only).

    Age:16 What age did you start masturbating: 6 What age was you first orgasm: 6 How many times a day do you masturbate: 2 or 3 Marathon Questions 1. Had you masturbated before you tried the marathon: (how many orgasms): not the same day 2. How fast can…