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It can help


Can my breathing be improved after the nose job procedure?


Which is the best brand?


After 2 years of being together, we broke up.


How hard is to make a nice web design?



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  • Paulk -

    Posted the thread It can help.

    Hey guys! My name is Paul. I am building my application, Aimon. It's a social network where your friends are bots. You get your own randomly generated aimon, that sends you different cards. With questions, topics and even jokes. You react in a 3-60…
  • evelynjack -

    Posted the thread Can my breathing be improved after the nose job procedure?.

    It has been a long time since I have posted in a forum. I hated my nose since I was a child. The size of my nose is too big for my face. It has a hump and deviation. And I have trouble breathing out of the left nostril. I also feel like my nose tip is…
  • Jasmine Regner -

    Posted the thread Which is the best brand?.

    Hi, friends, I am from Toronto, I am sharing a room with my friend Edwin. We bought a used television from Toronto as we used to get bored often. We had to study a lot and we watch sports during leisure time. Many of our friends told me not to buy a used…
  • lookforlove23 -

    Posted the thread After 2 years of being together, we broke up..

    After 2 years of being together, my partner and I ended our relationship about 6 months ago. I’ve moved on since then and for some reason, I’m really excited to fall in love again. To give you a little background about myself, I’m someone who has…
  • Goro1 -

    Replied to the thread How hard is to make a nice web design?.

    web master is just a teacher but consider learning graphic designing first
  • inpatientrehab -

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  • LudaD -

    Replied to the thread What career do you want to pursue.

    I have moved to Australia from Europe and planning to study engineering at Melbourne University, so far my parents got a Maths tutor for me because I need a better score at Maths.
  • smokerguy3 -

    Posted the thread Should I stop smoking for my gf?.

    I’ve been a chainsmoker for about 7 years now and just recently I met this terrific girl through an international dating social event and boy, I’m totally inlove with this chick. The only problem is that she’s asthmatic and coughs easily from the…
  • Goro1 -

    Replied to the thread I need an advice on how to talk to my crush (we're both kind of shy).

    I think I have a way I can help you. 1. Smile to her each time you see her 2. Ask her of the meal she loves the most 3. Ask of her worst life experience in a nice way 4.tell her about yours and continue building up conversations Do not tell her of your…