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  • Mrk35Hudsn -

    Posted the thread Any advice for wooing Lima women?.

    I want to ask this woman out, but I don’t know how. I was thinking of impressing her by playing her favorite song by this musician named Mac Demarco on guitar.. But my singing voice kinda sucks. Any advice for wooing Lima women over? I need creative…
  • Sys34Rq -

    Posted the thread Saw my in-law cheating. Do I tell my wife?.

    I’m in a really hard position right now. I saw my wife’s brother cheating on his wife, and I’m not sure if I should tell her or not. I know for sure she will call him out, despite him being her big brother. I don’t them to fight but I also…
  • Hey, I am a college student. After my studies, I wish to learn about security-related issues. It would be helpful for me in the future. Because I am planning to begin a startup company. Nowadays, many start-up companies are affected by the cyber attacks.…
  • Darwin L. Hardin -

    Posted the thread Filing a case regarding biking accident.

    Hey, My brother is 16 years old. He loves biking. But he does not care about the accidents that may occur during biking. Last day, while he was driving he crossed the road suddenly without looking the car coming across. The car got hit with his bike…
  • zeke8412 -

    Posted the thread I love her but she does not believe me at all..

    I had a long-time girlfriend before of four years. Three months after celebrating our fourth anniversary, I caught her cheating with my friend. I caught them red-handed which is why I broke up with her without further explanation. I took the opportunity…
  • doglover212978 -

    Posted the thread Relationship advice.

    So, I’m a sophomore in high school, and have a bf. We’ve been dating for about a year now. Recently I’ve developed a really strong crush on my best guy friend. He’s a really sweet guy and I love talking to him. My bf has no problem with him, he…
  • Sync11hype -

    Posted the thread How to tell gf her cooking isn't good?.

    My girlfriend LOVES to cook a lot, but unfortunately her food isn’t that appetizing. I’ve been putting up with her cooking since she moved in. I don’t have the heart to break it to her that her dishes don’t really taste good. It’s not really…
  • emma12w -

    Posted the thread Remove tan and birthmark.

    Has anyone tried Q Switched Nd: YAG Laser Treatment? I have a birth mark on my left cheek and also my face is very tanned after my trip to Miami. I heard this treatment will removed all this. Does anyone here has prior experience with it?
  • ethan1990 -

    Posted the thread Should I give love a second chance?.

    Three years ago, I got the most painful break-up for me. It broke me into pieces, made me stopped believing in the magic of love and isolates myself from people around me. I even stopped seeing and dating women in that span of years. Yet, that experience…
  • samforshort27 -

    Posted the thread He's back and I'm confused again..

    I have been happy with my life now but not until he came back and created chaos in my mind again. It feels like a ghost from the past made its way back to me. I was lying on my bed while scrolling my phone up and down out of boredom when I received a…