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Are you new to dating? Not in a relationship yet? Going on a first/second date? Post your dating questions here or look for some tips on dating from teen forums members.


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Any advice for wooing Lima women?

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I love her but she does not believe me at all.

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Relationship advice

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Should I give love a second chance?

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He's back and I'm confused again.

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What’s the dating scene like in Thailand?

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Does loving mean getting hurt all the time in the end?

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Different Types Of Attraction

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How to deal with gf who's not over with her ex yet?

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How do I temporarily "disable" my desire to get a GF?

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Dad wants me to be his chaperone for his coming date

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Am I just overthinking or she really isn't into me anymore?

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My ex boyfriend keeps chasing me to get back together.

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Tips for impressing my date?

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Boyfriend wants me to do nose job.

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How to surprise my foreign girlfriend?

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do you guys think she doesnt wanna see me ?

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