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  • miz01 -

    wow I've always loved Japan! were you born there?

  • Jamelae -

    Happy New year :D

  • armyforthebroken -

    I'm doing good, thank you :) And you know I'm always staying out of trouble, so no worries about that.

    You're very welcome about complimenting your digital camera, love. It's beautiful.

  • stephaknee -

    where are youu?

  • Nyxie -

    Guess who? :p

    You have better missed me!

    JUsT got back, how're you? What's new?

    (feeling too lazy to respond to the 6-message-thing)

  • Crwydro -

    Damn. Well done dude. I used to swim, and was part of a club, and I quit and started again halfway through last year, but it just didn't work for me. My Mum wanted me to do it more than what I wanted to myself. I used to be fairly fit, but since I quite swimming the first time around (I was 12/13) I havent really got my fitness back up. I really do want to get back into shape though, I just need the motivation.

  • Crwydro -

    (sorry for the late reply. :))

    Well, that should be fun. Have you signed up to any penpal sites? I signed up to one earlier this year and made a couple of friends and spoke to them heaps on there, but I dunno. You sort of stop talking after a while.
    What other countries do you want to visit?

    I'm pretty sure I want to go to Uni. Its sort of daunting though, knowing that your chances all lie down to one number at the end of year 12. :S But I think I want to do something in Psychology. There's so much I'm interested in though lol. Its a hard decision.
    I think I want to go to Europe when I finish school. I want to learn French. Lol there's just so much I want to do.

  • aussieguy -

    hey how r u

  • stephaknee -

    youuuuuuuu, i miss you!

  • Crwydro -

    Where do you think you'll go if you do go on vacation?

    I'm in my second last year of secondary college, and then I'll go onto Uni. I dunno though. I think I might get a job and travel for a while then go to Uni. who knows.
    What qualification do you need from college?

    thanks dude. you too (y) you look heaps different from your 'japan era' were you much younger then?

    yeah, i purposefully did that to confuse people.

  • Crwydro -

    Oh okay. Well make sure you play psychopath when you get time off work again :P (i'll make sure I won't get you voted out though).

    Yeah, things are okay. I'm back at school, and its shit. nothing too great.

    haha yes, that's me. I am a guy. I keep on having to tell people. I shouldn't have chosen a name like 'daydream'.

  • Crwydro -

    hey dude, haven't see you around for a while.
    what's up?

  • Nyxie -

    Aw well..sounds nice. I'm rather calm, even though I still manage to drink and smoke rather often. No sex for me though. ;(
    Age makes us wiser, I guess and yeah, butting in debate about beliefs is usually dumb, just some of the things sometimes irritate me so much that I can't help expressing my distaste and afterwards...it all starts

    I'm sure we'll come up with a way to cure it. :D and it's okie, I'm rather late myself, today, been packing. ^^ You should take a vacation or something, you need to relax more. <3
    And aw, thanksie, I'll certainly have fun aaaaaaaand, I'll be back on 26th (or 27th, not sure)!! Will you miss me? :p

    Yeah, no way to win with her. And Mayanks reeeeeeeeally lazy, so I doubt he'd do something for next century or so. :p It's all the same to me, so if you prefer here, here we stay, then. :D

  • Nyxie -

    Ahahah, I could beat you in a fight? :O doubt it. Lulz. But yeah, I'm taking the desert. :D
    Aw...yeah, I guessed you didn't mean the insecure part. :p
    Us - we are teh best. :D we're gonna rock the world, type A's. ^^

    Yeah, it's very relaxing and fun, I agree, though I don't wanna worry my parents too much and yeah, bad for health, so I smoke occasionally. Like...during exams or if I have a stressful week, but like...4 packs a year at most. It's been going on for 3 years already and I managed to keep myself un-addicted, so yeah... :D I'm quiet proud of that!

    Haha, yeah, that's how it is. :( everyone's all innocent and angelic, or they pretend to be, anyway. Well, I'm guessing there are younger rebels, though it's not massive and most unreligious people are those I wouldn't normally talk to, as they tend to be dumb, ignorant and arrogant kids who listen to hard rock and think they're cooler than everyone else. :p Plus, I dunno any of them, as my school is only for nerds. :p

  • Nyxie -

    Well, you don't, though money certainly helps and yeah, enjoying your work is one of the greatest blessings you could ask for, I think.
    Lol, 8 languages?! :O Well, I'm sure that if you tried in others as hard as you did with japanese, you'd know them all...as japanese is very very very hard, or so everyone says.
    Well...yeah, you don't hear much in media about us, so you shouldn't know much, that's normal.

    Oh well..you could go too! what's holding you back? I'd meetcha and we'd party together. :D Why did you guys break up anyway?

    Hahah, sure, well, not for next three weeks as I won't be here but otherwise, I'd love it. :D And that sounds like fun. :D Awww...I dunno why'd everyone reject you, you're horribly cute and very interesting to talk to :lovey:

  • stephaknee -


  • Mayank -

    lol I'll see if I can do that :)

  • stephaknee -

    I wish you would come on MSN,
    and yes, my dad wants to see it as well.
    but we aren't talking right now, so
    but I know i want the experience
    it would be different

  • Nyxie -

    And well, yeah, she does, but I'm ignoring her for now and hopefully she'll return the favour. She has too much time on her hands so she occupies herself with petty revanges a bit too frequently, lets see what she comes up with, now.

    You do that, this really is un-comfy, three separate messages, I mean, gosh... -__-
    ORR, we can move to facebook, no character limit there!

  • Nyxie -

    Man, yeah...nothing fun is allowed, it seems. That'd be horrible. Oh and...I kinda love the smell of cigs <3
    The 'no sex before marriage' rule is here as well, with believers, which are everyone, in Georgia. :(
    Well, that part is good, I dislike christian churches were people only go once a year like that and then they sprout off all this rubbish and think they're all awesome because they are apparently very religious and therefore know more than you do.

    I don't mind it, lol, talk. <3 These things are personal, I guess, you don't need to follow a strict code to be a believer, it's about how you behave, I think.
    Hahah, yeah, something like that and yup, religion debates lead to nothing, usually, but sometimes they keep away the boredom, at the very least.

    Hahah, weeeeeeeeeell, I am bored out of my mind, that's why I'm on TH so much!

  • Nyxie -

    No idea what I'll do either to be honest. Hopefully something that will give me good money + enjoyment. Oh and, I don't speak four languages yet, my french is hardly fluent. Should be, in about a year, though.
    Don't worry, no one knows anything about Georgia, I'm used to it.

    I'll be there for 3 weeks. It's kinda both. I won a math contest thingie so its financed by goverment, like...as a reward, but I'll have to take math and english classes there too, so yeah.

    And nah, I dont really get to travel a lot, lol, I mean, school and stuff...COME TO GEORGIA, as I said!!! Yeah, I know what you mean, I kinda take public's opinion too close to heart sometimes. :( Such a pity too! :(

    Well, if the desert's are worth fighting, then it's on. :D And yeah...I'm sure we'll come up with a way, somehow. ^^
    Lol, just googled. Wouldn't call myself a stree junkie, though yeah, I possess lots of type A personality qualities.

  • stephaknee -


    and you are welcome. I was waiting for you to sign up too =/ I wanted to tell you what I thought, so I did.

    and I am going to visit the school, asap. I was suppose to go this saturday BUT i didn't. I couldn't get in touch with the schoool, the lines were down or something. I didn't get to them til saturday morning which my dad wanted to leave before hand, so we ended up not going. i need to ask him when he wants to go.

  • Nyxie -

    And I can't believe it!!! Man, that's really strict...I can't believe people actually follow those codes. O.o I'm actually not a believer, just agnostic. So yeah. Georgia's super conservative and everyone is here religious...used to get in arguments about religion all the time few years back.

    Hahah. oooh, I didn't even know it was sunday...I'm lazying around all the time now, so no need to keep up with week-days. :p

    Nah, we have never been friends, she kinda hates me for some reaons. But yeah, I guess ignoring is the best way to go, in this case. :hugs: x 1000000000

  • Nyxie -

    Hahahha, yeah, it doesn;'t count if you don;t get caught. :D
    Well, I'd love being a tour guide. Though no, no invision as far as I know. O.o Was, last year, though. Hmmmmmm and going to london now, 4th august, was going somewhere else the other week, lol.

    Yeah, I guess thats it. And you? asshole? No way, you're a mushy softie. :p <3
    And well, if it's true, it doesn't sound sexist. And that's okie by me, I can steal your desserts, babe. :p Don't worry, I don't get fat anyway and you'd work out. :p So yeah :D
    Yeah, I love food too, just gets in the way of other, more important things: wasting my time and all...

  • Titus Pullo -

    /gone out.

  • Nyxie -

    Ohoh and...I did notice you were gone as well! I missed you even ;( <3

  • stephaknee -

    since you didn't sign up, i willl write about you here =)

    Titus,i wish you didn't leave as much as you did. Yes i did notice, because I care. I love when you post. You are awesomeeeeeee. I have alot of respect for you. Be strong and you will get through anything. I love you.

    Love, Steph :)

  • Nyxie -

    Lulz, yeah, we should behave and be good girls and boys. :D
    Hahah, yayyyy, you should really fly over, it's gonna be so much fun, both with camera and without. ;)

    Lol, I'm good with it, it's probably my fault as I didn't answer few of his texts and stuff. And yeah, people are very very vain. =[

    ANDAND...I LOVE YOUR MOM. Take her with you when you fly over! cakes :lovey:
    Hahah and how's that great? food takes too much of our time, I say.

    Aww, that really kinda sucks man, well, I don't think they're true friends if they don't wanna be with you just because of that. But it may be that you guys drifted apart too, so you don't have much to talk about anymore.

    Hahah, yeah, sounds very productive. :p and dunno. :( YAY HUGS :hugs:

  • Nyxie -

    Not much, just lazing around...Lana's kinda bugging & bullying me too. :( Gimmie a hug? :p

  • Nyxie -

    Hahah, exactly, life's there to enjoy. :D And I guess it may be taken as an offer. :p Yeah, lol, I'm very sexual, scares off lots of people. Hahah <3

    No, I'm single, I just had a few dates with a guy from my french class, but we haven't gone out for a while now and drifted apart, so yeah.

    *giggles* <3 Thanksie. :lovey: Hahah, when you come, you can take good pictures of me, then. :D Deal?

    I can;t believe I spent that much either. :O I just never take care of my appearence and I thought I'd give that a try, you know? ^^

    And well, naughty boys are fun, so it's okie. :p Yeah, I'm always always hungry, because I'm too lazy to cook for myself and I tend to eat just enough so that I don't feel hungry at that moment....which means, hunger creeps back up at me again soon. :O

    Hahah, cool...well, I think you could keep in touch by facebook and maybe if you visit Japan again...Hm...but yeah, I know what you mean, that happens to me always with people I got to know during summer vacations.