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  • EmmaV -

    I so noe Wat u mean. I hate my parents their so controlling. If I could get away from them I would but I'm still 17. I'd give u some positive advice if I thought it help but I'm a pessimist. Truth is our parents r never going to see our side. We either stay by their side hating life or venture into the world alone but free. I say go to scl where u want but it won't make things anybetter at home. Just thought I'd say Ur not alone. I'm trying to pick colleges myself but as always ky mom thunder she noes better. Sigh* well biiiii

  • Agassi -

    I'm so sorry for now having the foresight to see you are a woman. There was no name, and I wanted to seem dignified I suppose. Hope you still got something out of my post though, take time to find the right people to surround yourself with. ;)