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  • Muppy -

    Omg I didn't realise you lived in Bristol!
    I do too haha :D

  • Nyxie -

    O hai

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  • batfeet -

    Well, thank you :p

  • PocketFluff -

    No I actually think I am ugly as fuck.... and I hate when people say it's for attention because it isn't

  • Muppy -

    Yea :) awh cool where abouts do you live?

  • Banana -

    You didn't answer my question below...

    But... thank you for the rep

  • Banana -

    [COLOR=#507ca7]"this is the kinda stuff that makes me lol about you lana"

    [/COLOR]What did you mean by that?? Lol

  • monika82la -

    Hi ,
    please help me get a better car, just vote for me on this link :


    Thanks, you can try driving too :)
    Send me a PM me when done :)


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  • Nyxie -

    Also, just noticed.
    Underage B&.

  • Nyxie -

    Didn't know there were any /b/tards on teenhut.

  • OnesForumAlex -

    I'm OnesForumAlex.

    I would like to tell you about my forum. Am I advertising? Not really. I am just showing you another place to go. It really is awesome. I mean, there aren't a lot of members, but each member there will help you out with whatever problem you have. We highly encourage debates and we have a nice open atmosphere.

    Why join ONES?
    Well, We don't have any ads. So, you don't see so many ads like you see on TeenHut. The entire "Friends and Partners" section of Teenhut does not exist on our forum.

    Please, check it out. Its great! [notalink]onesforum.net[/notalink]
    I can't post a link, so thats what I did.

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