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    Ciao! Come stai! Sono italo-canadese, allora non so parlare molto bene in italiano. Voglio migliorare, ho cominciato a parlare con i miei genitori in italiano, e l' usare il più che possible. Ho visto che sei Calabrese, e i miei nonno sono nati a Caserta e Campobaso, è viccina penso! Volevo solo parlare con te, grazie mille!

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    Hey there, Nice pic haha got all those guys asking for more guess they never seen a hott chicks butt before! :P

  • JohnDoe -

    yes i am 14

  • AccessDenied -

    Yes, I realise. But it's fun. Just keep speaking your mind and defending your corner. In the end they get sick of you and move on, I should know.

    Most of the people here are Ok. It's just the wankers. with their loathsome weenies. :p

  • Caladium -

    Yes, I'm asian. Lol. Thanks :p

  • AccessDenied -

    Thanks for what you said on the games forum about me. :)

  • Batgirl -

    Haha, no problem. X)

  • Batgirl -

    It says your inbox is full so here it is.

    JCpatriots or Jon got angry with Mayank because he was letting the forums turn to shit, treating this place like a joke and not having respect for him and the other staff's wishes. So he came back and trolled the shit out of the place and had a huge falling out. (Althought us smart people were on his side. xP) Him and Trevor randomly banned a few people and all that. He said he'd come back once in awhile but either Mayank decided to close his account or he wanted it closed.
    I really don't know how Giggity became moderator. I think he was just a resort as many moderators were quitting.
    I've heard Sasha comes on once in a blue moon but for the most part he's left. Although I don't think I've ever met him.

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    :lol: a goddum girl? Learn how to spell you twit.

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  • Mrs. Butterworth -

    I'm not "whining" about anything, and you obviously are trying to troll.

    "gray cuz ur dumb y ur still here man u got perma bant 2 years ago after bribing the machainyank to unban you and create that total abortion of a get rich fast forum fku"

    Permabanned two years ago? Um, I found this website in June, I don't bribe, and I don't see what abortion shit has to do with me.

  • Butthurt Burt -

    lol how?

  • Mrs. Butterworth -

    Haha, you think you used advanced vocab or something?

    Gray repping random people makes you the ultimate fail troll.

  • Butthurt Burt -

    Don't you think Mrs. Butterworth is such a jerk?

  • Mrs. Butterworth -

    Who the fuck are you?

    Learn to type, I could barely understand that; and I haven't even know of this site for 2 years. Grow a pair and tell me in VM instead of gray-repping me.

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  • Liam -

    I don't know whether to spit at you or say thankyou.

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    Why yes I was formally known as joe m. I changed it to Techno Viking and put Joe M as my profile name. Why do you ask may I ask?

  • stephaknee -

    am i what? lol

  • stephaknee -

    black name?

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    Thank you for the picture comment :)

  • Duck -

    Yup lol, thats why i changed it :D

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    i joined in october..?

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    Cool story, bro.

  • Rhys -

    Its super appreciated bud, i lack on fans, cheers <333

  • Rhys -

    that was a compliment right?

  • Tascha -

    i'm blocking you, okay. i don't like you. my friends and what i discuss with them is my business,. kthanxbai.

  • Tascha -

    You didn't ask anything.