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    thanks for the post!!1 It was really helpful :D

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    There isnt really a section that I can find where you write a little intro...

    Im a 25 year old Texan. I come from a multi-cultural background as I am mexican-irish. I joined this sight because I've had a very tumultuous life and I think I have a valid perspective to share. Some things I know a little bit about:

    1. Alcoholism (my father & step father)
    2. Abuse (victim) - verbal, sexual, psychological, abandonment
    3. Sex & sexual disorders
    4. Bipolar disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts, & broken homes
    5. Child rearing (nanny of several years)
    6. Dating & committed relationships
    7. Long distance relationships
    8. Relationships with older men
    9. Woman's health issues (puberty, sex, pregnancy)
    10. Siblings and out of control parents
    11. Religion (christianity)

    Im happy to help in any way possible. I never say anything malicious though what i say can be hard to hear sometimes. But thats only because im trying to help. As in all things however, my advice is not the be all know all, just the perspective of my particular experience.