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  • la rubia loca -

    that nelson mandella guy is funny as hell

  • NelsonMandella -

    u not reply?! :D

  • NelsonMandella -


  • Kilbykins -

    Hey which exams ya takin? Good luck on them btw

  • Yummie -

    hi im just wondering where do you live? In the UK?

  • oh-twadi -

    hey new social forum opened up
    check it out and give it a try

  • Cirrax Lankart -

    hey, you never messaged me back. what did weiner boy say, me want to know all the details of how he just become smaller than a baby dink. XD

  • ✠demigød✠ -

    hey, hows it going?

  • mash9856 -

    hi there lol

  • Tomski -

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Hello Rebecca.

    If you create a thread in the Help and Suggestions forum then you will be able to gain responses from other members.

    Is it that you are unable to access the actual "Girl's Privacy" forum? If this is the case then you have not been given the appropriate level of access. I have noted that you have over 100 posts and have been a member for far longer than 15 days and so you are eligible to ask for access. I am unable to grant you access but "Laydie" can.

    If however you had access before and now you don't then you will be required to post in the help and suggestions forum as I have no control over access to the forum.


  • SamGee -

    Lawl @ comment from Nauman Javed Khan.
    : ] sweet.

  • Nauman Javed Khan -

    will u be my frnd?
    i m 18 yrs old boy frm lahore pakistan