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  • Dumb Cunt -

    Are you back yet? :D

  • East Hastings -

    cheers and good luck

  • Rave -

    That sucks that you're leaving. Good Luck man : )

  • xyz123456 -


    I'm going to miss you sir.

    And regarding your message, I do try, perhaps I'll try harder. You might just be the inspiration I need! :D

    :hugs: again.

  • LuklaAdvocate -

    You're leaving? :(
    We'll all miss ya. You should still stop in every once and a while...
    And thanks for the money.

    Good luck!

  • Ari Gold -

    Thanks for the money man. enjoy life and come back at some point

  • Papa Bear -

    Ahh such a shame Esmo, good luck though I wish you the best in the real world!

  • Dumb Cunt -

    I wish I had gotten to know you a bit better before you left. <=[ You were an interesting person with depth, the kind that's hard to come by. I'll sincerely miss seeing you around. I always thought of you as this stoic, guarded intellectual, but at I think I at least got a peek behind the wall at the very last second. <3 bro hearts duuuude. <3 bro hearts...

  • Mama Bear -

    Thank you so much for the forum money, and for the message attached to it. Your opinion of me is very flattering and I appreciate it so much. I hope you realize that you are AWESOME, and I hope you aren't leaving for good because you have made an impact on this forum.

    Mucho love.

  • Glamour Puss -

    aww red fur ball, thank you for the money. I enjoyed talking to you too. And gosh, you made it sound like you're dying or something. You must come once in awhile to catch up. =)))

  • Dexter. -

    :awesome: thanks, have fun outside of TH!

  • Banana -

    Oh Esmo, I will miss you :(

  • DamnImGood -

    Ex-staff, eh? The moderator team is screwed.

  • Dumb Cunt -

    <=[ dude, what?

  • Vice -

    Hello? Hello.

  • Ari Gold -

    Ex-Staff what the fuck are you doing

  • xyz123456 -

    Good, good...let the desire to stay flow through you!


  • xyz123456 -

    Still a mod! :awesome: I guess the admins love you too much ^^

  • Ari Gold -


  • Ari Gold -

    Unlike your mothers vagina! Oh ho!

  • Ari Gold -

    good she needs an infraction anyway

  • Ari Gold -

    She was saying much worse things than me

  • Ari Gold -

    Google translate is pretty good, but it's not very reliable for obscure languages like Romanian unfortunately =( What I've learned is from Adri pretty much

  • Ari Gold -

    I think they should get rid of that rule altogether. Even if I was being insulting in a language a moderator can't read, which I wasn't, who cares? If no one can read it, no one can be insulted. :lol:

  • Ari Gold -

    Haha I will learn Romanian before you!

    Also seriously don't let them infract me for my thread I was just trying to have fun.

  • Ari Gold -

    Adriana is teaching me Romanian.

  • Dumb Cunt -

    No cookies? :( you have my sympathy man.:hugs:

  • Dumb Cunt -

    lol, that's not good. :S I lose people all the time too. No worries. Have you tried laying out cookies? works like a charm.

  • Dumb Cunt -

    Will do my captain. *salute* is this esmo's "special lady"?:rmg:

  • Ari Gold -

    I am a pretty good debater.