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  • logan524 -

    you missed me

  • Emile -

    cute baby

  • confused24 -

    your really pretty :)

  • Noise -

    Every time I imagine the pain all I think about are cramps. :blush: It must feel horrible, you poor thing.

    I have homework, and projects. Just alot of school stuff. :lol:

  • Noise -

    Ouch, when my sister was pregnant all Abraham would do is back flips. :lol: But they're worth it, aren't they? :lovey:

    I'm fine, just bored as hell. D: Procrastination is really sucking.

  • Noise -

    How's the kiddo coming along? :blush: Sorry, just thought It'd be nice to talk to someone who isn't an asshat.

  • Ashley12Marie -

    nice to meet you as well :)

  • Ashley12Marie -

    just noticed that you were from ontario and thought that I would say hello