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  • Miranda Steel -

    Hiyaah my laptop died so I only have my phone which is a bit poor for online stuff

  • L Rae -

    Why what is this secret you keep talking about?

  • logan524 -

    hey mandy a got a question first my mom never hits me. me and my bother got into a fight at mcdonalds we threw ketchup on each older im 15 he is 13. i got some ketchup on some woman clothes and my mom had to reinburst her for the damage. my mom freak out on me told me i was a immature baby and my brother to in front of people in mcdonlads. Leaving mcdonalds she told us that she should get us some pacifers and some pampers and a playpen. people were looking at me. like she was right. she took away my x box my i pod and cell i cant go out on weekends now. on the car ride home she is yelling at us telling us when she goes to wallmart she should buy us a crib and stuff.telling me we made her look like a bad mother shes being a total bitch to me.

    Can i turn her into CPS for abuse saying those things to me? isnt it slander or something saying lies about someone. saying i need pampers and making me look bad in public.For the record he started it my brother not me. its not fair shes doing this. she took away my games and i cant go out now cause of that bitch. i want her to chill out and respect me

    • mandy2012au -

      I don't think you should call the CPS because it was really immature what you did. Your mum might have said that stuff because she is upset with you and your bother because the people at MacDonald's thought you were babies. Did she say she was going to buy pacifiers because you cry a lot and did she say she was going to but pampers because you do poos in your undies a lot.

    • logan524 -

      its cause of her now people think im a baby now . she told people i need pampers and stuff dont i have rights? its not fair. cant cps just yell at her something maybe take her away for a while. its not fir i dont need those things

    • mandy2012au -

      Well if you want to keep doing it in your undies just keep it secret from her and wash them later so she doesn't find out and if your going to act lake a baby with your brother just keep it secret as well.

  • renesd2015 -

    Did you post on babycenter about an accident on the way to the airport?

  • mandy2012au -

    When I got to the bus stop today no one was there so I did it then and no one knew the whole rest of the day. After lunch I helped with reading practice at primary school and no one knew there either.

  • Keithfarts -

    It’s sexy to me

  • mandy2012au -

    Because of my doctors letter I have been doing it at school every day

  • mandy2012au -

    My doctors letter says.

    Amanda has been diagnosed with a rare form of encopresis, which causes her to soil her underwear. The symptoms have gotten progressively worse, to the point where she does it every day. Please make sure her teachers know about her condition and do not pressure her about it even if she does it every day.

    I gave it to lady in the office so the teachers know.

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    Long u wear good pants xx

  • Simonthedong -

    You ain't wrote loads

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    Hey Mandy

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    hiyaah i'm Miranda and happy to be a good friend:) whats up!

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    Hi there,

    Congratulations! You just received your 1st Like today. You get one like count when someone likes a post or a comment of yours. The more the likes you get, the more popular you become around the community.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

  • Patagon095 -

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    • mandy2012au -

      I'm not sure why but when I started getting my periods I started doing number 2's in my pants as well

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    hey mandy how are you..? let us be chatting buddies...

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    hey im john how are you

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