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    Thanks, I think.

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    Hi - im bored . I'm Andrew :D. What's up?

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    haha, thanks. :)

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    Yeah its weird as isnt it wernt you one of my old clan leaders or something?

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    Lol, going around to attractive girl profiles and saying "your hot"

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    Hey, thanks. You're not bad looking yourself. =)

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    hey what's up?

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    im good..but bored. most my friends are away on vacation so like there's no one to chat on msn or hang out with!..lol

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    hi watsup?

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    Politics = I follow politics and I seem to not to agree with everything one of them seems to say to me. So I easily countered this my making our own political site ( [url]http://politics888.150m.com/[/url] )

    Upsets Me = Things which upset me is the media being corrupt or people trying to make them self look better. I don't see why people should have to lie or act fake to other people just to be liked. I would rather nobody like me at all then to act fake.

    What I like = I like to talk about people who don't have problems. When someone has a problem with social problems like controlling or anything which affects their personality.

    Gossip = Now I believe its fine for someone to gossip if they hear or discover the information. However if someone tells you a secret direct I strongly stick by never

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    Hey, I'm new and I upgrade this later on