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    Hey guys,

    This forum its not being moderated and its closing soon, if you need help or support please go to our new teen forum at Teen (link below)

    We have an awesome new community with members that will help you in minutes weather you need help or support, we are always there for you, so check out our new teen forum at Teen

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    Still hoping you'll return and give us an update. ((Hugs))

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    How are you, Erza? Not heard from you a while. :)

    • Erza -

      I'm ok, thanks!
      So much has happened, i'll tell you about it when i have the time :)

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    On the right hand side of the top line of your profile wall here is a small bar. A minus means 'unfollow', a block sign, a magnifying glass icon which means to search 'Erza's content', an envelope icon to email you and on the end, 2 little black conversation icons. See them? Go to my profile wall and you should see the same. If you want to reply to what I sent you last week in that private message, that's what you do. :)

    "Conversations" are private. Meaning they cannot be read by other people.

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    I accidentally removed my conversations tab. Now it's back up, silly me. :$

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    Hi there,

    Congratulations! You just received your 1st Like today. You get one like count when someone likes a post or a comment of yours. The more the likes you get, the more popular you become around the community.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

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    Hi there! Hope you have a nice weekend.

    Poppi :)