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    Your little brother might have a curiosity. Boys do have relations of a non-sexual but genital exploration. So do girls.

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    Rachel was quite the legend in her time. She'll be sadly missed.

    I'm trying to get my daughter to join the forum. I brought her out of our island Kalymnos when it got invaded with immigrants. Nikky would be well liked here.

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    Thanks for the Like :)

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      Your very welcome. It touched my heart.
      Sad for the loss but also beautiful the way she touched friendship

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    Up and down. This after I've been crying over the loss of a recent friend on the forum, and then was reminded of my dearest friend Rachel whom I've just had the courage to post about. Presently I'm off sick seriously ill, but there's a chance I'll survive.

    I'd like to see you on the forum more often, posting. Make new friends.

    I badly miss DeborahB. If you ever hear from her, please contact me or B'ni can you?

    Have a sweet weekend. :)

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    Hiya puddytat, and how are you today? :)

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    I like your avatar