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  • tydolla -

    Hey guys,

    This forum is full of trolls and full of annoying ads.

    We are opening a new teen forum over at teen reply If you need help or support please go to our new teen forum at

    We have an awesome new community with members that will help you in minutes weather you need help or support, we are always there for you, so check out our new teen forum at

  • c0deine -

    Its alright

  • malukyky -


  • B'ni -

    Lol, i didn't realize you follow me, Thanks Ali <3

  • AccessDenied -

    Nice new pic, Alice. I like your stripy top. :)

    Erm, la rubia loca who you follow is banned. She wasn't nice. There were a few like her on the forum, but now they seem to have gone. After Christmas I'm taking Nikky skiing so won't be back for a long time. In the sport forum I wrote a topic on skiing. You should take the hobby up, it's not expensive. You owe it to yourself. To be able to ski is one of the finest things you could ever do, and you will see what living really feels like!

    Are you looking forward to Christmas?

    • alwaysbeyoung -

      heyy i loved christmas and yeahh i would quite like it to ski i like ice skating. i just thought get a brand new pic taken because when growing up your looks change a lot but if you were a grown up you could have the same pic for years. i understand about that girl here cos in my school there are some who are best to just ignore

  • AccessDenied -

    Nikky is 13; I got pregnant very young. She's such a lovely daughter. :)

    • alwaysbeyoung -

      my mum was like that we had my tenth birthday and her 30th in the same year. okay ill say hi to nikki then if i see her here or that other forum

  • AccessDenied -

    So... how are you getting on in the forum? Liking it? :)

    • alwaysbeyoung -

      yeah its better here. the last forum before didnt have anyone like me i mean i dont think they were even any girls or teenagers on that one, so its nice to have a good forum like this when i do have free time lol

  • B'ni -

    whats that weird writing on your avatar?

  • B'ni -

    Hello, sorry for opposing you.

    • alwaysbeyoung -

      heyy i was just saying to that guy i thought he had sex just because he didnt want to be a virgin anymore. some people at school are the same its silly. i know i wouldnt have sex if i didnt care for the guy

  • Mayank -

    Hi there,

    Congratulations! You just received your 1st Like today. You get one like count when someone likes a post or a comment of yours. The more the likes you get, the more popular you become around the community.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

  • Voila -

    Hi Alice. Welcome to TeenHut.