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    give me your sunglasses

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  • LiberTea -

    Just wanted to say, those glasses suit you. Are you thinking about becoming a pilot?

    • GodlyElm22 -

      Sort of on the fence, schooling to become a pilot is a lot of money. Was thinking of becoming a fighter pilot for the Air Force. But might just stick with military police or local police. And thanks!

    • LiberTea -

      You're quite welcome- I ask because I've been looking into flight schools myself. It is expensive, but the quick training time (and guaranteed job as a flight instructor some schools offer) appeals to me. I'd consider the military but I'm a pacifist. :)

    • GodlyElm22 -

      There are non-combat roles that are offered within the military. But I guess you would still be fueling the fighting. I like going fast so I've always considered fighter jets the fastes that I could ever go. Which is what kinda pointed me in the direction of the military. I am fairly certain that commercial pilots have fairly steady jobs and you get to see some cool places for free, all in all the flight industry is really cool.

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    2nd to comment bitch

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    1st to comment on your wall

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