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    HI Alex! how's it hanging? I am having a gang bang with Palmula and her five sisters lol

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    Hey so today when I was in class I was staring into space and I was staring at the trash can and she was walking over to the trash cans to throw away something then I was staring at the wall and I looked over and I see her looking at me and smiling while she had her hands in her head. Do you guys know what this mean?

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    Do u guys like the song Brown-Eyes by lady Gaga or crush has that song on there playlist as pop icon lol I thought that song was because of me cause I have brown eyes. Lol but I guess it’s not cause of me because she has that song as pop icon.

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      & I bet she doesn’t think about me because I haven’t seen this girl in a long time so idk why I’m still thinking about her

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    okay so i havent seen this girl in a long time so i was at work and i went out to the lobby i saw the girl i used to liked back in high school sitting at the table with her boyfriend & i guess she was waiting for her food at the table because i saw her looking over at the front counter when i went out to the lobby and when i saw her i stood there looked at her from afar but i looked away and went back to work.but now i keep seeing her boyfriend picking up food for the both of them at the place i work at soo i guess she doesnt wanna see me so she makes her bf go there and pick up the food for the both of them there

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    I hate working on weekends

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    I think she likes you.

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    Last week in class i was doing my work and when I looked up I saw the girl i liked looking at me & smiling then she looked down at my collarbone while smiling. then she looked up at my face again and she was still smiling so I looked away. Then later when I was talking to one of my friend I couldn't really hear him cause I had my headphones on & he said alex did you hear what I said & i said no. Then I heard her saying that I crack her up and said that I was quiet but funny. later she was talking to my friend who i was talking to and told him that I'm quiet but funny. Do you guys know what this mean?

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