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    Do you really not care to show?

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    Hey, how are you

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    Hey sexy girl :P care to chat???

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    Hi. Text me anytime if you want to chat. I rarely find many active people here.

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    I need to let you know that you are a beautiful young woman an your very hot boy i would like to have a Grilefrined like your size a big 10 an what a body, like to see you in a bathing suit on your summertime some day or any photos would be nice, im like a bodybuilder myself. Happy Thanksgiving day. Until then.

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    Like to say that you look grest an cute, an sexy young woman, like a close up of your question.

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    Ill like what im reading its beautiful ike to know more

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    Alright that's good also myself , like to watch you sometimes.

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    Hi there,

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