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    So Chelsea id like to know what kinda underwear u like best? And the color of your current panty and bra choice today? Will deffo tell if u do babe xxx

  • Mirandalovesbeagles -

    Hiyaah Chelsea i thought id drop by saying hi as you were here recently. I only just came back to the site

    • chelsea002 -

      hi! nice to meet you :) yea I forgot about this site haha, I came back here too because I was sick at home and couldn't go out so much.

    • Mirandalovesbeagles -

      Aww that's no good:( btw I've been wearing the same kinda skirt as yours i think mines lush

    • chelsea002 -

      oh very nice! I really like how these skirts look

    • Mirandalovesbeagles -

      If you can spare the money for it Topshop (thats a uk store) does good style skirts and such. Maybe u would find them at forever 21? Just guessing

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    Hi there,

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    nice pic:) i really like those big transparent windows you can stand and see everything out of as they use for some buildings. How are you anyway?