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    hey can u help me out with something?

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      okay so i havent seen this girl in a long time so i was at work and i went out to the lobby & i saw the girl i used to liked back in high school sitting at the table. &  i guess she was waiting for her food at the table because i saw her looking over at the front counter when i went out to the lobby. so when  i saw her  i stood there looked at her from afar but i looked away and went back to work.but i guess i creep her out & maybe that's why i haven't seen her coming there anymore.

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      i dont think u creep her out cause u were just staring a er cause u havent seen her for awhile.i think u should reach out to her . or the reason y she isnt coming is because she can be busy so she dont have time

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      yeah but idk why i still think about this because this all happened last year. this also happened last year too when i went out with my friends to the mall & i guess she was also there shopping with some guy & i guess she saw me there & was talking about me to him because when i turn around i saw him looking at me but then he looked away. i bet she told him there's that guy who kept on staring at me back in high school.

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      well it sound likes she dont like u

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    thanks for follow!

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    hi i need relationship advice . Today is gonna be 2 montths since me n my boyfriend have been together but he is online n still havent texted me say happy two months anniversary. for our first 1 month anniversary he forgot about it while i told n he stood me up for ur date.
    i dont know if he is playing with my heart im in desperate need of advice plz help me out