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    Hi there

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    wow no hi back?

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      Hi :)

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      This summers been so fantastic! My best friend is staying with us all summer and we have been jacking off so much its great! I think my penis and balls have grown a lot and I can cum so much more! How's your winter down under!

    • ProbsN1 -

      Yes. You said before about your friend. Good for you as well. I think it feels better to cum more. It's a bit cold but nothing crazy and nothing that can't be dealt with by wearing a jumper.

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      I don't know I think I like summer better but then winter has all the holidays sorry our winters lol and getting all cozy by the fires great I have a onesie that is a dinosaur lol

    • ProbsN1 -

      I do like a big fire. Summer's okay but it gets too hot on some days for my liking.

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    Hi pretty lonely around here! I am having a gang bang with Palmula and her five sisters lol

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