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  • Jaiden -

    Wanna swap dude?

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  • BobbyBlobs -

    Hey man! You seem like a lot of fun, we should chat some time!

  • Septimus -

    Hey wanna swap bud
    Be my guest :)

  • Robert Holt -

    Are we gonna swap. I have kik

  • yngjock -

    Wanna swap? PM me

  • Robert Holt -

    Hey wanna swap

  • bighands -

    Yo dude. Im up to chat man......

  • bighands -

    Hey dude. Thanks for your message. I agree... I try n make fun threads n sometimes it takes AGES before even getting one reply!!!!! Im happy to do emails n swaps though bro coz I know we'd have heaps in common to talk about more private. I dont have apps on my phone coz my folks are born again christians n check for that shit but they give me privacy on my laptop ( n also they think the family filter is on hehe!) Hope we get to chat soon man . Its school holidays here now so I got the house to myself every day now FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! Im off to have an AWESOME marathon jerk off session before they get home from work....Ive been thinking about my cock all day n Im so fucken horned for stroking it !!!!!

  • kvng_aj1024bu -

    Do you have Snapchat?

  • giannaaa -

    Hey wanna exchange.

  • Robert Holt -

    I sent you two messages

  • Robert Holt -

    I would love to be bed buddies

  • dolphinsword -

    Hey, thanks for your answer on my thread!

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    Hi there,

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  • bighands -

    Cool posts bud.... read mine too coz I reckon we have heaps in common ;)

    • nudedude -

      I love the fact that your hobbies include being nice and jerking off! Sounds like we could be bed buddies ha

    • bighands -

      Is that a typo man? Did you mean best buddies or bed buddies??? (either way..ok hehe!!!)

    • nudedude -

      The "nice" was a typo, it should've read nude. The bed buddies was not a typo.

    • bighands -

      haha!!!! I fucken love the way you think bro!!!!!!!!!! We GOTTA chat asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sure we got HEAPS to talk about!!!!! send me an email dude,