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  • darmcc -

    lots of old perves on here

  • dolphinsword -

    Hello! Finally someone who's not an old guy :D

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    Hi there,

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    Thanks for the follow!

  • Kevin85 -

    Hey, dude. At what beach was your profile pic taken? Are you in just your underwear (boxer briefs?) there, because I’d like to be on a beach in just my underwear (boxer briefs) too. I wear ones that don’t have a fly in front, so they look like swim trunks. It’s rather bulky wearing a regular bathing suit under clothes. Thanks for answering, dude, and nice picture!

    • Jaiden -

      yo dude, thanks! i was on vacation in costa rica and me and a bunch of friends found this completely empty beach, so we stripped and had a time of it. i got this pic in my underwear right before i took em off ;)

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