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  • dolphinsword -

    Hey, you are programming and doing electronics? Do do I! I mostly have fun with esp and atmega at the moment.

    • volumecard -

      Cool! I mostly do some Java stuff on my computer but I have a thing called a digispark that I program and make things with. I made a volume knob using it for my pc with a rotary encoder and you can program it with the arduino tools.

    • dolphinsword -

      Yay! Just checked about the Digispark, seems to be a nice small device! I too code in Java and Kotlin. Are you writing any programming project currently?

    • volumecard -

      I've been playing Stardew Valley and I've been writing a program that lets me "cheat" while fishing in the game lol. You basically just need to hold the left mouse button down for a very specific amount of time and then release it so it's not super difficult but I'm learning how to get keybindings to work in java at the same time. I want to just be able to press a button on my keyboard and get the perfect fishing cast in the game. How about you?

    • dolphinsword -

      I'm writing a small app to help me memorize foreign language vocabulary. I'm also writing a small turn based strategy game. Using libGDX for both.

    • volumecard -

      Game programming seems scary lol so much stuff to learn. Memorizing languages seems cool and I bet you could sell that if you wanted too.

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