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  • quicks1lver -

    you have really sexy eyes:D

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  • xixtitoxci -

    how r u?????

  • xixtitoxci -

    thx for da add :P

  • Cyph3r -

    cute :)

  • NelsonMandella -

    hey sarah long time no chat! wats up?! nice pic btw! :D xx

  • spotmon -

    hey there....what ya up too?

  • Erik! -

    Thank you.
    And you already know how cute I think you are, that's for sure. ;):drool:

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  • abcd12 -

    hi. sup?!

  • Erik! -

    I miss you, Sarah. :(

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  • StillInBed -

    hey do u live in USA?

  • StillInBed -

    dam i sck with computers. wanna help me set up some pics ?

  • no good names -

    hey whats up?

  • StillInBed -

    i will neva call a friend a bitch unless they kick me in the shin XD

  • StillInBed -

    the first respond u gave me u called me a dumbass @_@

  • Erik! -

    Maybe I am. ;)
    Haha, acutally I was a little more than tipsy, and I lost my balance. :/

    I did, I did.
    But it was so ... I don't know, it wasn't my thing, man. You know?

    Haha, oh the motivation! Thank you miss.
    One of the many reasons why I think you're so amazing. :lovey:

    [SIZE=7][B]How are you?![/B][/SIZE] :hugs:

  • Erik! -

    If you're a stupid Erik, you can manage anything and everything. ;)

    Haha! You lucky girl, I wish I could have shared that experience with you.
    My weekend was alright, I was bored as fuck at the wedding and subsequent reception. Geez. :/

    I have exams starting Thursday, gah! :(

  • Erik! -

    Haha, yes master! :boogie2:
    At your service, madam. ;)

    The Tube = The Subway. Haha.

    HOW'S YOU SARAH?! :lovey:
    How was the weekend?
    Any drunken celebrations?
    Share please. :hugs:

  • Erik! -

    As magical as you'd like me to be, my lovely friend.
    All the previews are yours. ;)
    Time and place, please.

    Well, I hope you have loads of fun doing so. You can always come on over and we'll go and do stupid drunk stuff together. How does that sound? And haha, we share a weekend hobby man. :zomg:

    It was so hard getting to school. I almost fell over in the tube like twice.
    Haha, you are [B]way[/B] too nice to me. Seriously.
    And have I told you how gorgeous you are, miss? :)

  • Erik! -

    Ooooooooh, I would have liked it if you weren't kidding either, miss gorgeous. ;)

    Haha. I'll live with you forever then. I won't steal your makeup, yuck no offense, but omg, I think I might be really annoying and stupid. :cries: But I can change!! And I'm pretty magical, if you know what I mean. :lovey:

    Yeah, I did. Haha. I passed out and then woke up and did as much as I could and then passed out again. And sir was all 'Were you inebriated when you turned this in, young man?' and I was like 'Um nooooooooooo sir.' Haha.

    Oh yes, the weekend! :zomg:
    Have any plans?
    And haha, thank you. I'm glad you like it. It's actually bigger, just the avatar thing makes it look small, I guess? Haha. But I'm hideous, so it's better if the picture is small. :)

  • Erik! -

    You can slap me, or whatever else you please with me, miss. ;)
    Haha, you're totally my new best friend, by the way.

    I'm going to be your number one, 'omg get him the fuck out of my house' freeloader. :(

    I didn't eat. Haha. I got shit-faced, and I had a paper do the next morning.
    Woe is life.

    How's you, my lovely friend? :lovey:

  • Erik! -

    The only good looking specimen I see is you. ;)

    Oh shit, haha. I hate when that happens. The whole 'drowning your sorrows away' is such a cliche overrated concept. Drinking just magnifies them, doesn't drown them. I'm sorry about you passing out. :( I hope you're feeling better now, miss.

    I love you! :zomg:
    That's it, when you get rich and are ready to settle down, can I come live with you please?
    I'll be good, I promise. :)

    I don't know, I don't like shrimp cocktail. Too fancy.
    Can't they get like burgers and fries, or something?
    All this dilemma over a stupid wedding, haha.
    I hate myself. :(

  • Erik! -

    If it helps, I understand what you mean about that 'it could be better', haha.
    I hope you had a wonderful day/night, my friend. I'm sorry, I absolutely blow with time differences and the like.
    How are you?

    :zomg: The free drinks were the best part.
    But I'm fed up because first of all, I've got to do all these stupid errands (who the hell has ever wanted to eat shrimp cocktail, wtf?!) and the level of desperation is pissing me off. Everywhere I look, it's dumb people lined up to make stupid commitments at a young age and regret it later. I'm sorry if I sound pessimisstic, it's just that I got a lot of experience with watching young people get married and end up unhappy. Enjoy your youth, you know?

    In [U]many many[/U] more ways than one. ;)
    And you should feel special, miss gorgeous, because you are.

  • Erik! -

    I'm sorry. :( I had this stupid party escapade going on. My best friends' brother is getting married next weekend, and all the bachelor parties (he had way more than one, wth) were happening this past week. I don't think I've been as tired and fed-up as I am now. Haha.

    Well screw that.
    Just so you know, I'm frequently thinking about you. ;)
    (In more ways than one, ahem.)

    How's everything?

  • Erik! -

    Dear Sarah,

    So the stupid PM thing of mine isn't working at the moment.
    And I just wanted to say hi and that I miss you and our chats. :(

    I hope you're well. Talk to you soon, yeah?
    And thinking about me. ;)

    Love, Erik.

    p.s: :lovey:

  • PrakuL -

    nice to meet you sarah
    what are you upto?

  • PrakuL -

    hello to you =D
    whats your name?

  • Abhicoolguy -

    i play guitar,soccer,cricket
    play games on pc and consoles...
    and gonna b a med student soon[that doesnt make a nerd tho ;)]