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  • AccessDenied -

    It's really nice to have your company right now. :)

  • Dom -

    Ha! I'm just good ;)

  • Dom -

    More where that came from ;)

    I'm on it, and I'll be the judge of that :p

  • Dom -

    Oh, is that so? ;)

    HA, remember that time on msn? good times, good times :cool:

  • Dom -

    Thanks :p I don't like it though :nono:

    Might have to do another

  • Dom -

    Would I lie to you, baby? ;)

    Haha :p

  • Dom -

    Haha :p You'd get used to it though I'd imagine :)

    Oh yeah ;) and speaking of dirty...I may just post something in 16+ :o

  • Dom -

    Heh sounds good :) Like a secretary? ;)

    And sure! The more the merrier, but you'll get quite dirty :p

  • Dom -

    Dunno yet :p

    Sounds gooooood :D What job you looking for?

  • BrunetteHeaded -


  • Dom -

    Not too baddd, same old shit :p New car time next month though ;)

    And your lovely self? :p

  • Dom -

    you have to get alll the gold blobs then you get a star, it's like 12,500 rep points

  • Strlder -

    I meant you look really good. Idk why but I really like that pic. Lol

  • Strlder -


  • Niceguy -

    So can I have you now?

  • Dom -

    Hmm, I guess I could...:p

    OK, I will add you so I can annoy you on there instead of on here :p

  • Dom -

    Rawr :p

    Ooooh, I have some swiss chocolate to get through :D

    Oooh contacts, fancy :p

    Do you have msn?

  • Dom -

    Yeah you better do :p

    I just eaten so I won't be hungry for about er...another 3 hours :rolleyes: :p

    Just work lol :( How about you?

  • Dom -

    THE BASTARD :mad:

    I'm OK, just bored :p


  • Mr_Munchy -

    nice title :hitit:

  • Dom -

    Just got out of bed, think I'll have it right now :p

  • Dom -

    Saved 2 slices for tomorrow :p

    Now just watching simpsons and on MSN

  • Dom -

    Haha :lol: I'm sure you'll do just fine :p

    I work in a garage, and I'm doing mechanics so it's basically an apprenticeship, come June I will be a fully qualified mechanic :D

    God I'm stuffed now, haha!

  • Dom -

    I am :p Any that's left I will pop in the fridge for lunch tomorrow :D

    Sounds like a good set of subjects, should keep your brain busy :p

    Well, I work, but I've had this week off :D. And I still go to college but only 1 day a week starting this coming thursday, I just work the rest of the week

  • Dom -

    I plan to, fighting my way through the 3rd slice as I type :cool:

    Well that's good, what are you doing at college?

    Sounds good. I'm just gonna be on MSN/here/maybe play a game, I don't go out much :lol:

  • Dom -

    Pizza and chips, but I've only had 2 slices and I'm full :cries:

    Awww, it's only a friday so you probably didn't miss anything interesting :p

    Upto much tonight?

  • Dom -

    Not baaad :) Just been playing a game, now I'm gonna wait for my takeaway :D


  • Dom -

    I don't think I've ever talked to you before

    so hi

  • Jenna -

    Thank you :D

  • stephaknee -

    your welcome =] xxx