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  • Monophobia -

    [I][COLOR=navy]mia xara xD[/COLOR][/I]
    [I][COLOR=navy]haha dikio exeis :P[/COLOR][/I]
    [I][COLOR=navy]rodo ec???[/COLOR][/I]

  • Monophobia -

    [I][COLOR=darkred]den i3era oti uparxoun kai alloi ellines sto foruum xD[/COLOR][/I]
    [I][COLOR=#8b0000]ti kaneis? (:[/COLOR][/I]

  • Hitch -

    Hey =D

    Yes, I'm enjoying to role of Support Leader. How long have you been one for?

    Talk later

    - Hitch

  • marinecds91 -

    need this account deleted due to problems with the staff all help would be grateful

  • SimpleGirl. -

    Congrats on the promotion! :D

  • SimpleGirl. -

    Hey :)

    Thank you, I appreciate that! I'm impressed with you're posts, too..
    You too!

  • †Lucifer† -

    [B]Ναι, είμαι σχεδόν 3 χρόνια :p

    Είμαι 15...εσύ?[/B]

  • †Lucifer† -


    Πώς κ από δω? Νόμιζα ότι ήμουν η μόνη!!

  • Jasmine -

    haha oh i thought u were just writing it
    oh well i got the point lol

  • Jasmine -

    well thanx for accepting
    free hugs? yay! lol

  • mvp23_08 -

    u a girl

  • Nicole91 -

    haha I'm not'll pick up later a few hours

  • Nicole91 -

    oo00ooo 15 nice...

    and 200 euro's wow thats good, yeah shopping trip would be nice with that much! Hope you have a good day :)

  • Nicole91 -

    no how old are you now..get anything nice?

    Erm I'm okay thanks, just eating my lunch then going in the shower.

  • Nicole91 -

    Happy birthday :D

  • Leigh -

    C bien sa, thabite ou ??