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    :O how are you?!

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    I must have seen you online or something. :lol:

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    lol, we can just talk to each other once a month, that sounds like a plan. what do you do for fun

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    I never go on this site, but I saw that you were nice to me so I'm just saying hi :) hope all is well!

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    Because I couldn't sign up whenever I wanted. I had to wait for enrollment appointment :rolleyes: and by the time it came around, almost all of the classes were full. There was very little to choose from.


  • Jasmine -

    Haha :p

    I know o.o I go two days a week for an hour and a half. I'm going to be totally behind. I'm going to talk to a counselor, so hopefully they can give me a good plan and I won't have to worry so much.

    That's okay, you don't have to apologize :) I hope everything's okay, though. And okay, cool :)

  • Jasmine -

    Haha, I don't remember what I'm lying about, but I refuse to agree :p

    Yeah, but I have to wait 4 months before I can. Picking classes and everything did not work out at all >.> I'm only taking one class this semester, so next semester I'm going to have to take a crap load of other classes to catch up. Haha, probably.

    Where have you been? :( Forget this lameness, I'm just going to text you whenever I feel like it :p

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    Haha, I was kidding :p

    Ugh, it was horrible. I couldn't remember everything and I was kinda sick that day =/ I ended up not doing well. Oh okay, then I don't feel weird anymore :p

  • Jasmine -

    Haha :p Everything hates you, gosh. Did you not know how to use it? haha, jk I know you're not stupid :) lol

    Thanks! :) Oh okay, I wasn't sure. I figured I'd tell you anyway. I found out I have to take a math one, though =/ I'll be taking that this weekend. It was so easy, though o.o Did you take yours on the computer? That's how mine was. It was multiple choice on the computer.

    That's lame =/ Maybe you read it and just didn't reply?

  • Jasmine -

    :p. Yeah, and they're not that expensive really. Haha, oh yeah totally easier to read :p And you can just hit backspace instead of erasing or scratching something out.

    Thanks :) I'll let you know how it goes.
    Also also also! I don't know if you read it in my diary entry, but I totally rocked my placement exam for school :D I was so excited and I just had to tell you, ha.

  • Jasmine -

    Oh man, that sucks. Your brother put a curse on it :p. Ha, yeah definitely. Yeah, I'll probably just write them too. If there's like crazy notes though, I'll probably get one of those Netbooks and use that for notes and stuff.

    Well that's cool :) haha.
    Ha, yeah I'm excited, I'll finally be 18 :D. Nah, I never got my permit. But since I'll be 18, I can get my license without it.

  • Jasmine -

    :o What happened to it? Haha, yeah. College will rock, which is pretty amazing considering it's still school :p Psh, yeah, I'd end up feeling like I have to do it all in one day, haha. Are you going to have a laptop to take notes in class with, or are you just going to write them?

    Awesome! I'm glad :) What have you been doing?
    Summer has been pretty good for me and it's going to be getting better soon :D I'm excited too, because my birthday is soon and I'll be getting my license shortly after that :D

  • Jasmine -

    Haha, I'm excited for you :p I don't know if you told me this before, but are you going to take your car or no? Heck yeah, haha :D I kinda want it to start already, but then I don't because I like being able to do whatever I want :p. Haha, I hope you're right. We'll probably get like a really big syllabus that tells us all the work we have to do.

    How are things going right now? :)

  • Jasmine -

    Haha, well I'm sure they'll be even more bad ass :p Especially since you're going to be in a dorm, I here crazy stuff goes on there :p Yeah, I wonder if we'll get work on the first day.

  • Jasmine -


    Haha, it's not my fault :p Thanks.

    Ha, imagine they're stepped down a notch :o Oh yeah, well that's a good idea too. The work will probably keep you busy enough anyway. :p

  • Jasmine -

    It makes my life more exciting :p

    Oh man that sucks =/ Hopefully you can retake it and do it better. Ha, I know :p Mine is just an english and reading test.

    I know, maybe our conversations will be more interesting :p Okay, great :) Are you going to be involved at college or no? Like, clubs or whatever it is they have?

  • Jasmine -

    Omg, I'm not that mean :cries: I could do world domination and then wish for peace. :)

    Oh, how do you think you did? I don't have to take a math one :D

    Ha, yeah. :) Well, we're so bad ass, so I'm sure we can totally dominate college :cool: Haha. Oh yeah, definitely. You too :D

  • Jasmine -

    :o I would never do such a thing... [SIZE=1]maybe. [/SIZE]ANYWAY, I would only wish for peace and joy :)

    Eww =/ lol. I think I have to take one of those too, except it's called "oral communication." Oh man, now I'm worried :p What was your test on?

    Haha, yeah I know. :p I want to play volleyball and softball. Ha, oh yeah it definitely would only be something that's a few hours. I'll probably just work on the weekends and maybe on days I don't have class or something. This growing up stuff is hard =/ haha, I want to have a life too jeez. Ha, that's true, but still :p Haha, college should definitely be easier or something.

  • Jasmine -

    Haha. Now, grant me some wishes :D

    Oh, I see. Wow, sounds like you have a pretty good schedule then :) Haha, yeah I know. I think I have to take my test first though, I'm not sure.

    Haha, yeah I know. I'm going to do what I can, but I want to get a job too, and I want to play some sports, so I don't know how I'll handle it. My mom says I shouldn't get a job, but I have to help pay for school, sooo Idk. Hah okay, I'm done ranting now. Umm, yeah I think so. I'll probably do that, but if not I have a paper that basically says which classes are transferable, it's just really confusing. :p

  • Jasmine -

    Your last activity was at 11:11 :o You're magical, haha.

    Oh wow, that's a long time o.o That's awesome :o No more waking up really early! Do you have class every day or is it like every other day or something? I can do it whenever I want actually. I just haven't done it yet :p

    I'm kinda nervous about picking my classes, because I have to make sure I pick the right ones that will allow me to transfer after 2 years. So, I'm trying to look at which ones I need first. My grandma was like 'Oh, don't work too hard. Just take a few classes here and there, because you want to be able to have fun too'. And then my mom was like >.> 'she needs to take as many as she can so she can be done sooner.' It's funny when they argue :lol: I like the way my grandma thinks though.

  • Jasmine -

    Oh okay, well that's okay then :p

    Ha, okay. That's fine :)

    Oh, that's awesome :D You're already getting in good with the professors :p How long was the orientation? Ha, I can imagine. It must have been pretty exciting though to finally make your schedule. So, what's your schedule going to be like? I haven't gone yet. I get to do mine online though, kinda weird.

  • Matt -

    Aye. Lol.

    Good luck with college. =3 I'm pretty excited waiting for this interview for the college IT apprenticeship on Wednesday, Don't know when they'll tell me if i get the place like but still thrilled and nervous about it.

  • Matt -

    Finished college last week. =p

    I went in on the last day because one of my assignments wasn't marked for the higher grades and I went in RAGE mode! The CAM (Cirrcular Area Manager) came in our room on Friday telling us all it was the last day and we shouldn't be wasting time, etc. And I raised my hand and said "What if a tutor isn't marking your work?".. I gave my tutor a week (he claims 15 days, but that makes it worse for him. lol) and the CAM said she'd only discuss it in her office.. And I was like "Sure, Can i have a chat now please then?" and she was like "Fine, if you want to waste more time"..

    Got in her office explained the situation.. Completely shut her up, because I already passed all my assignments and shit and Lol.. She had to get the tutor responsible for the marking of my assignment and I had to live with the fact I won't know if he'd mark it still. -.-" but I did shut the CAM up again because she asked what I'm doing next year and I said I'll either be doing the extended Diploma in Networking and Systems Support OORR if I'm accepted, I'll be doing the IT apprentiship college is offering.. When she heard me say that her face was like =o

    Haha, So lame they are. Anyway, my course tutor rang me up today and told me that it eventually got marked and I achieved the higher grade for the assignment I raged about. =3=3=3=3

    How's your um.. School/college/US naming of schoolwhateveritis/ Highschool?

  • Matt -

    Herro, I'm doing pretty well. How about yourself?

  • Matt -

    Meow. =3

  • Jasmine -

    Haha, psh too lazy to hit backspace :p

    Oh yeah, that's true. Ha, okay :) But if you can't get on here, you can still text me whenever you want.

    Definitely :D. Good good, I'm glad to hear that. Oh, no you didn't tell me, but that's awesome. What was it like? What did they talk about? :p

  • Jasmine -

    Lol, I deleted my Myspace :p
    And oh my gosh, I haven't talked to you in forever! I've been meaning to text you, but I don't know if you're busy and I don't want to annoy you :p

    Anyway, I've been okay. I think I have stuff to tell you, but right now, I can't think at all. I've been up all night, literally. How are you? :)

  • Torn -

    Oh, since I closed my account, I added you as a friend here.

    Also, my old Facebook got deleted, so you're no longer my friend. =( So if you want to be friends, just PM me and I'll give you my link.