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  • Cat -

    Oh hi.

  • armyforthebroken -

    I'm good, as well. I have so much homework to do this weekend and I have to pick my classes for next year, but I don't know what I want really... oh well :D

    Then there's testing in a month and signing up for scholarships in two months. Crazy school stuff. But I'm glad you're doing good with school and all :)

    Ten more weeks of school for me and it's the summer vacation!

  • armyforthebroken -

    Hey Hitch,

    How are you?

  • Hitch -


  • AccessDenied -

    No, I am not "being hypocritical" for putting you on Ignore. Just exercising my forum's right to privacy without my having to see your mug on my visitor's.

  • AccessDenied -

    Re your previous banal comment on my visitor's, like any member of this forum I am entitled to an opinion. If what you said was rep worthy, I'd have given one. But as what you wrote was agreed to be locked because of its content, I was entitled to neg rep you accordingly.

    Now, if you don't like what I just said, go take a bath.
    And don't return to make more banal comments because as of now, you are on Ignore.

  • AccessDenied -

    In answer to your snotty message on my visitor message link, go and blow up your pants.


  • Sup3r! -

    Hey, I know you are annoyed at the moment. If you want to talk, feel free to PM me, in most cases my views are the same as yours.

    Watch out mate, I think Mayank may ban you if you go to far,

    And if you want to rant at me feel free, it will help you vent.

  • Member20832 -

    You kept critising every little move the mods/admins make...

  • Member20832 -

    Mate, please calm down in your irrational posting... it isn't helping anyone :/

  • AccessDenied -

    Thanks for your visitor message. But you've gone arse about face on this. You should have PMd a senior mod and taken the issue up privately with them - rather that posting on the caff which caused said mod to lock the thread and had every right in doing so.

    I'm off back to work. But cheer up. Worse has happened at sea. :)

  • AccessDenied -

    Every forum has its low times and highs: an ebb or flow and TH is no different. But what we are blessed with is a strong core membership of good people, so don't knock this forum.

    If it wasn't for TH and it's good people I wouldn't be here today.

  • Maddi -

    Hello :)

    How you feeling?

    xxx <3

  • nick_2303 -

    hay broo :)

  • SimpleGirl. -

    Hey Hitch :)

    I'm fine thanks, and you?

  • Maddi -

    Haha woot, three gold bars

    not daring enough to show the people of teennhut ayy =P


  • Maddi -

    I'll probs be out by like 1:30 =P

    Sooooo.. question game over teenhut for like 4 questions =P, you go first.:)


  • Hitch -

    Are you going to bed now?

    I guess I'll see you tomorrow, 1:00 outside work.

    Love you too xx <3


  • Maddi -

    D= It's doing the errors with key ports thingy I don't want restart computer =/


    =] love you xx

  • Maddi -

    msn is stuffing up =[

  • Pipkin -

    Thanks for the rep.

  • Maddi -

    I'd tap that.

    Edit: I tapped that.

  • Maddi -


  • Maddi -

    You're so awesome, period.

  • Guardian Devil -

    This is dial-up internet and I'm broke so I have to use a free host.

  • Guardian Devil -

    I'm using Blogger. What do you think of that host?

  • Maddi -

    I will, thought I should do a thingy cause haven't done much lately. Probably come on MSN before 10, ganna go see if there's something to do.

    Love you xx

  • armyforthebroken -

    :) Aww, you're both adorable.

    And, no, unfortunately, I don't have MSN. I have AIM though if you want. I think I need to get MSN, haha. I'll see if I can get it though, because a lot of people on here have MSN and I think it'll be better in general. So, I'll try and get it soon :)

  • armyforthebroken -

    Oh my jeebus,

    Is that you in that picture? It must be! It's cuuuute! :)

  • Maddi -


    I love you too xx <3