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  • boysown1999 -

    well hello xxxx

  • RoffleCakes -

    Tassie ay? Victoria here. :P

  • Aannddyy -

    Oh, that's cool. I live in Blackmans Bay.

  • Aannddyy -

    Hey. I'm just curious, where abouts in Tasmania do you live?

  • jazzr93 -

    wow tasmania, im frm sydney =]

  • deanykins012 -

    hey wat you up 2

  • jias_ -

    Hahahaha. I haven't seen it, but thanks, I guess?

    Is it a good thing?

  • Jack -

    Thank you baby

  • Liam -

    Thanks for the friend request.

  • JCpatriots -

    Noticed in the birthday thread that today is your birthday.

    Happy birthday.

  • babyfacexx -


  • jordan912003 -

    Yeah, it's [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] , add me

  • jordan912003 -

    Hey, what's up, I'm Dimi, nice to meet u

  • Banana -

    Thankies :D

  • Banana -

    Lol I really need to catch you on MSN asap...

    But... Do you think you could tell me the best one out of these 2? Don't worry about the price, just the specs :p
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  • Banana -

    can you add me on MSN? I need mroe help like, to know which cam to get from this site... Thanks...


  • Corax -

    Not very talkative, are you? :)

  • Corax -

    How does today find you?

  • Corax -

    Thank you for the add.

  • Corax -

    Hello there. You're just about as new as I am, I see. Care to make a friend? :)