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  • plax77 -

    What's up?

  • plax77 -

    awww you left right when i joined... that's no fun, well HI I'M WYATT :)

  • charmaine -

    yea i wouldn't trade them for anything. Just wish they weighed less lol. Thanks hun x

  • Papa Bear -

    bunny wabbit is everywhere i am!

    and ahh dude, just try to stay strong.

  • Huggybear -

    eheh, thanks :o

  • Huggybear -

    Thanks for the rep! :D

    and you're gorgeous, btw.

  • Papa Bear -

    ah dude. wish i could help you, but im not good with advice to be sincere. just hang on in there, and know the people who love you will be supportive and TH ppl too. so you're not alone in whatever's happening

  • charmaine -

    Yea they do have a couple of draw backs. Bras are a pain, some tops don't fit or get stretched, and they're fucking heavy! All the things guys don't think about.

  • charmaine -

    Nope they're all mine! :wink: I wouldn't give them away for the world, I love them. You can play with them if you like...

  • Papa Bear -

    lol thanks. so are u alright?

  • Papa Bear -

    oh wait, now i remember you O:

    welcome back! dude cool DP up there ^

  • Matt -

    Hey I noticed your signature, where it links to you profile you might want to change your URL. Profile links have been changed and if you tst it, it doesn't link to your profile. This however does so yeah, just randomly telling you. Lol =]

    [url=]Teen Forums - View Profile: Laura[/url]

  • ozzy -

    hey there just commenting to say how much i love your current avatar, haha it's awesome

  • AccessDenied -

    Thank you sweetie. Rep returned xx

  • Starflip -


  • gp1992 -

    I tried again. If it didn't work, just add me: [email][/email]

  • gp1992 -

    Your welcome.
    I added you on MS...
    akkkmed is my thing. Can you add me?

  • gp1992 -

    Simply put, you look AMAZING.

  • jnin9 -

    Very nice panties. I've seen that pic on your post and wondered if it was really you. I just clicked on your profile (don't know why I hadn't done that sooner), and WOW!! I'm glad I did. You are WAY HOT!!

  • camel..toe -

    nice panties

  • rockinhorro -

    You have a tight body! Very sexy. And an Not too many hot female atheists around. lol

  • fromunda10 -

    Hey how are you feeling today?

  • fromunda10 -

    So i must say those are some sexy undies. I would mind seeing the other side of them as well. Or not seeing them at all. lol ;)

  • Wafflecopter -

    lol thx for the add :D

  • Jasmine -

    aw thanks :)
    yeah its at the top of the post where it says permalink. just click on the gray scale thing
    btw sorry for the late reply, just logged on right now :p

  • MissMonica -

    Look at my status thing, it says I'm tired, and I am, I've tried to sleep, just can't fall asleep, it sucks, lol.

    So what are you up to?

  • MissMonica -

    I'm good, just can't sleep for some reason.

  • MissMonica -

    Hey there, you've talked to my sister Jaclyn... How are you?


  • mindgamer -

    hey whats up

  • Jasmine -

    thanks for the add :)