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    *insert sadness I haven't heard from you in a while*

  • Evadne -

    You have Tina Turner on your iPod? That's awesome. xD
    Don't feel guilty! I'm just happy to see a comment from you! =D

    You're so sweet.
    I switched back to the front end and as soon as I went back to being a bagger, an All Purpose Clerk position opened back up (mainly service desk and checking rather than bagging -- more pay, more fun, the position I had to give up to go to bakery) and I hope I get it! I may not for several possibilities, but I reallllllllllllllllly hope I do.

    xD It's easier now with the improved dungeon system. Only took them 5 years.

    :D it's so fun! I'm leveling a priest to 80 with heirlooms now. SO EASY. Soooo overpowered.
    It's not as awful as it seemed at first. I was sooo lost, totally out of place, and it was like returning to a changed world with amnesia. It's familiar and it seems like you know it but you don't... but it wasn't so bad once I got used to it. :D

    Lucky with the project. I hope you have fun!

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    I REFUSE TO COMPROMISE. stupid character limit.

    you have to be the nicest person ever ;(
    if it helps any, now I'm miserable and pissy about work. I just hate it and I don't know why. I spend my entire shifts feeling miserable and awful and all I can think about is going home. But now we've got our sales vs hours rating up so we've got more hours and I have 36 hours. I'm part time! :( I have two 8 hour shifts of the shift I hate the most -- I can work 3 shifts: wrapping out product, cake decorating, and closing. I do all 3 this work and 2/5 are closing. Those are 8 hour shifts. I almost cried when I saw the schedule. I feel like big baby but I really really am unhappy. /rantventbitchmoan D:

    It is so coooool!
    Haha, that explains it. What I did see of that ranting was fun to read through :D
    neaat. I had to look up quorum-sensing. That's so cool. =O

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    rofl. My teacher explains where they get most of the kanji. So he was showing afternoon was the moon, I think, hitting something. Then he was showing the one for cow and he was like, "What does that look like?" And everyone's kinda like, "Uhm..." "A cow!" "... yeah..." I could vaguely make out the horns, though. It's so odd!
    it's really funn! It's not too hard to learn, just needs a little practice. :D

    xD My priest is holy. She's capped at 60 and my friend that runs teh guild for it keeps getting friends (and random people for BWL) and we run stuff and they hate me because I'm so lucky. I got 3 pieces of transc in one BWL run. :]
    [url=http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Silvermoon&cn=Annae]The World of Warcraft Armory - Annae @ Silvermoon - Profile[/url] <-- that's her. I just got the robe tonight. so happy =D

    Yay! I'll clear out some space in my closet! :omg:

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    Iknowright. buttheads. ;( I am doing better now. I'm not thinking of him randomly and crying anymore. I still miss him.

    Of course I remember pre-New Years convo. D:

    Yeah, it was hard the first day, but now I realize it's not so bad because she really is just touching briefly on stuff, but what she's doing is she's going just in enough that... and this is awesome... she puts both the notes you can print out and bring to class... OR. You can print out the STUDY GUIDE for the chapter(s) being covered. It's fantastic because if it's not on the study guide, it's not on the test. So I've been taking those in and just making sure to fill in all the blanks and write down anything interesting in some blank spaces. She said she was trying to cut down her lecture time and I think she's doing fine. :D

    We were doing bacteria last lecture. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN. And learning Kanji is a blast. There's one that means cow and it looks a lot like the one for noon and someone brought up that if you mix them up, you could say that it's cow time.
    the one for power and the one for katana mess with me. sooo similar. =[

    Holy priest?
    [SIZE=1]can I keep you?[/SIZE]

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    It's ok! I'm always happy to see you left a comment :D

    He's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo smart.
    But he's sooooooooooooooooooooooo clumsy that he will always be Retard-o the Flying Land Walrus. I feel bad because he does respond to Retard-o, but he's so cute!

    I'm ok! I've been super tired and for some reason stressed out and then my doggy got soooooo sick in the past week and we had to finally call in for an appointment to put him down because we didn't want him to suffer anymore. TH thinks what I said was too long, but that's ok, it can basically be summed up by... it was hard. And working like 4 hours after it happened was easier than I thought it would be, but it was still... hard. I was really attached to him.

    I do like my new biology teacher, she has super long lectures but that's ok because I never read the textbook anyway. And she thinks the giant microbes are awesome, too. And my hiragana is getting good so katakana is easy. I think, ironically, kanji is easiest for me. D:

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    It's a big one :D
    I also got a chihuahua and a basset hound puppy. I've started calling the puppy "Retard-o the Land Walrus" because he gets so clumsy and lazy in certain settings that he looks like his brain just isn't working properly. He's really smart and sweet, though.

    I did! I hope you also had fun! :D

    Mayank didn't back up the servers since early December and the site had a malware or something in it, so he upgraded the site pre-maturely and it crashed.

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    I got two of the giant microbes. I got red blood cell and MRSA :D

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    You wouldn't bore me at all D:

    it's been treating me fine, but HOW ARE YOU? =D

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    Oh, good morning!
    Thank you, that was really sweet =D

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    Haha, I am in the right place, I just suck at it somehow. Considering my school subjects were harder and I was passing with better grades. I'm not sure how I am doing this. :(

    Yeah xD I have a really hard time learning a language just memorizing words right off the bat, so I'm really enjoying how he's teaching it. When I walked in my first day he was saying things and I was like... huh?
    Now I know he was asking for my name and saying "Good morning!"
    Actually, he says "Ohayo Gozaimasu", which is good morning, every morning we come in (Tuesdays and Thursdays). On our tests, there are 5 things he says out loud and you write down in English what they mean. On the first test, he said "Ohayo gozaimasu!" and said more quietly "I'm gonna be pissed if you don't get this!"

    Aw! Yeah, Midnight disappeared and Jess had his account banned. :(
    None the less, you were missed!

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    That would be so fun! :omg:
    You can come to Costa Rica with me! =D

    The recommended texts will be ten pages long of dictionaries from around teh world. I'm only monolingual learning my second language, but I'll end up translating it through every language before I make sense of it in a language I speak. I don't know how, but I will. D:

    You should just give me extra lessons :D
    I always think I understand it, then I get to the test and feel like "uhm... Is this for the wrong chapter? :cries:" but I still have a B :omg:

    Oh, gosh, those are so weird!
    I recognize some of it; arimasen is generally a negative. But I'm not really familiar with the individual meanings of the words beyond "desu" :(
    Awww, I'd stay and listen to your whole apology!
    "Sumimasen" might save you some air, but I think yours sounds nicer.

  • Evadne -

    :eek: You're taking me next time, right? :lovey:
    Really, that sounds absolutely fantastic. It also sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    I imagine teaching English would be hard. My teacher mentioned you could go to Japan and be paid for it and all if you taught English for a few years and I think I would be awful at it. Someone might ask me what a word means and I'd end up with a stack of dictionaries for various languages. <_<

    You're just really nice :o

    Oh gosh, that sounds monotonous. Yeah, there are aspects that can be less than really super fun, I can't deny that. But the fun parts of it make up for all of it.

    lol like what? XD

    LOL that's pretty fun.
    Either way, it's probably better than no teacher =O

  • Urchins -

    Accidentally writing a message on my own wall is not a good thing to do!

  • Evadne -

    Neat! Where'd you get to travel to? =D

    Oh, I kinda like college. It's different from what I'm used to, but I'm not having a fraction as much trouble adapting to it as I thought at all (ie, I was worried I might not be able to pay attention for long enough, I might not be able to sit that long, I might not meet the deadlines, etc, but I am not having any problems). I like my biology class, it's just plain fun. It's my WORST class, but I can't say I'm disliking it. I really enjoy it. Which is good because it's gonna be my major.
    And I have a Japanese class which is really neat and fun and my teacher is kind of silly and uses that to help us remember things (for example, he was explaining next week, this week, this week, etc. He decided to teach us what "Every day" is in Japanese, and did so by pointing at himself, then his shoe. The word is maishuu. And for learning words, he would scratch himself for one ("ichi") and point to his knee for two ("ni"), just in case you didn't pick up on them sounding teh same x]). :D

    My cultural anthropology is a little weird. It's online so they have to run things differently, but it's really not been so bad, and my teacher isn't hard to please.

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    I've been pretty good! I moved into the bakery at work. My main purpose is a back up decorator. I'm really not the best at it yet, but they let me decorate some special orders and my handwriting is getting really pretty. And I'm in college trying not to fail. :3

    I know, we haven't talked in a reaaaaaaally long time. You like... disappeared. What happened? =O

  • Evadne -

    How could you?! :cries:

    it's ok, I forgive you :lovey:

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    I was messing around checking my vm for something and I saw your comments and I was like this:


    If you ever get a chance, how are you?

  • Evadne -

    Sounds fun. And LOL, that is an awesome joke D=

    I will have to find something to serenade you with :lovey:

    well, I've been collecting fans as of late. They just have such pretty art on them. My newest one has pandas on it, and it's so cute. there are two baby pandas and an adult panda and I luff it.
    And, of course, I got a mood ring, not because I love watching it turn color... or anything... really... =x
    how about you? =D

    isn't it great? :omg:

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    It's all right =3
    Haha, sounds fun. What kind of projects?

    Darn! I knew I should've gone a couple hundred thou higher! D:

    It was really great. I loved it a lot. Although not enough parking places XD
    How has your time been?

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    Hello, Good Sir, are you interested in buying air? You can get a 2 oz bottle for a low, low, low price of $15,679.55 + tax + shipping + handling + a book for me to read on the way over.

    Just post all your information including the closest thing you have to a social security number and any and all card numbers and other info for cards you have within your power of borrowing!

    [SIZE=1]did I convince? :D[/SIZE]

  • Evadne -

    :D About a week. Ahh, long flight times too -- like 9+ hours.

    Thank yooou. <3 It sounds super fun! I cannot wait to get there.

    :hugs: I agree, you should come with me :3

    Also, I got this colored styling gel that colors my hair with it. It is soooo fun. =D

  • Corax -

    Haha, I suppose so. For now, though, I must sleep. Have a good day/afternoon/night. ^^

  • Corax -

    My constant failure is part of my charm. ;)

  • Corax -

    It was, but it seems to have been worked out... for now. Oddly enough, it was because I screwed up the mediator thing[I] horrendously[/I] that it ended up working out.

    ...I'm good. :D

  • Corax -

    I always end up getting involved simply out of some sort of perverse pathological need to know everything. It's easier for me to figure out what's going on when I'm in the middle of it.

  • Corax -

    Not particularly, no, I just forcibly inserted myself between two screaming, fighting women - which, while featuring prominently in most male fantasies, is [I][U][B]not a pleasant experience.

    [/B][/U][/I]How are you?

  • Corax -

    Dream of the Endless! It's alright, I understand. Nice to meet you. I'm Jess. Not entirely sure when I added you but hi. :)

  • Evadne -

    <33 =D

    I missed yooooou :cries: I can't believe it's been ONLY a month =[

    Close! I leave on Wednesday morning and it's late Monday night.

    you are so sweet :hugs:

  • Evadne -

    Baby, come back. You can blame it all on meeee... :(