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    Hey guys,

    This forum its not being moderated and its closing soon, if you need help or support please go to our new teen forum at Teen (link below)

    We have an awesome new community with members that will help you in minutes weather you need help or support, we are always there for you, so check out our new teen forum at Teen

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    haha.... nice occupation :wink:

  • TheEatingChampagne -

    LOL omg remind me to never talk to you about this stuff ever again

  • TheEatingChampagne -

    If you already severed my feet, how can you break my legs?

    EDIT: oh god nevermind =\ That's extreme man are you a serial killer?

  • TheEatingChampagne -

    Look out we got a badass over here! Faggot
    I'll get a butcher knife and cut your throat until I feel bone, then lick your bone while you bleed to death

  • TheEatingChampagne -

    You better watch out motherfucker I will kill you

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