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  • Mrs. Butterworth -

    I LOVE Danny Phantom.

  • Laura95 -

    Hey you look hot in your picture :) xx

  • xr2 -


  • The-Doctor -

    2 bottles of wine did that to you? you light way, your obviously not of irish descent like some of us, SOME OF US CAN HOLD OUR DRINK!

  • bi-cicle -

    hey dude

  • Em -

    SUP. :)
    still in belfast?
    lmaoo maybe il see you in town today.

  • malarky -

    i like your hair & your posts!-wanna chat sometime?
    i have AIM & yahoo messenger

  • Estrela -


  • Em -

    Yeh :] I have!
    one of my mates goes there.
    haha mate methody ain't all that posh.
    my year... well :p tis a disgrace to the school lmaoo :]

  • The-Doctor -

    Cool hair!! ;) Wanna chat sometime?

  • LordOfTheBooks -

    Yar there Matey xD

  • Em -

    is that near knockbreda ? :S?
    hehee I think i knw were that is :]
    yerrr well i go to Methody opposite Queens
    YEoooo . :]

  • Matt -

    Haha, It's alright man.

  • Snap.Snap.Click -

    [B]your hair is the bombbbb![/B]
    [B]love it, want it, jeaaaaalous xD[/B]

    [B]louise xx[/B]

  • Matt -

    Sorry if this sounds rude, i don't mean it to be. I've only just woke up.

    Your rep to me... "Obviously you're a good friend to her"

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I'm more than just a good friend :rolleyes:

  • Corsan -

    Lol there was so many parties i went too there. Castleraugh, you know the Rocky Road?

  • Em -

    Yeoooo :]
    were r you from here ?
    good old stranmillis rd :]

  • Aannddyy -

    Thanks for the rep, man.

  • jias_ -

    Hey sexy pants.
    :) how're you going? still partying it hardstyles?

  • Em -

    zomgg awesome siggy guy/
    your originally from Belfast?

  • armyforthebroken -

    Thank you for the rep! <3 I'll return the favor :)

    - armyforthebroken

  • kevingeradcotrone -

    hey what nationality are you??
    im irishh and italian
    but ic qnaty tell for youu..

  • Corsan -


  • jias_ -

    I'm not really a flirt. I just give compliments when compliments are due!

    I do have MSN, but for some reason mine doesn't let me accept address requests, so I have to add people. :) What is you email?

  • Corsan -

    I've been to New York, best city ever! You got MSN dude?

  • jias_ -

    oh and, you're Irish, you just got 200% hotter. :)

  • jias_ -

    Sydney, Australia. But had to move for university. So I live in a small-ish town called Bathurst now. It is great. The people here are really awesome.

    I plan to live in London by 2015. It's my goal, then to New York by 2020 and Tokyo by 2025.

  • jias_ -

    Haha. Cheers pal. :)

    2 questions.

    1. where're you from?
    2. my mate is here with me, and he has hair about the same length as yours, and he wants to know what you use to get it like that, the style.

  • jias_ -

    My money is negative because I pissed the wrong person off. So he gave me 3 infractions which totaled about 3000 monies in fines. :)

    In addition, you are hot. :)

  • kevingeradcotrone -

    your sooo hott!