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  • Sup3r! -

    Man I miss you. Your never on MSN either either anymore :(

    Thanks for the old times mate. I won't forget them.

  • Laura95 -

    Hiya How are you ??X

  • Sup3r! -

    Where have you been?

    If you are not on due to exams then I hope we can talk over the summer.

  • imonica -


  • Puddle -

    Cool avatar!

  • Sup3r! -

    Hey your online.
    Im good, happy that cricket started, not so happy with my first game of the season but I was playing an amazing team.

    Is there any chance you could go on MSN right now?

  • Sup3r! -

    Yeah its been good

    If your there go on MSN

  • Sup3r! -

    I swear your avoiding me.

    how are you?

  • COK3CAD3T -


  • Em -

    Haaaai :)
    Havent talked to you in ages !
    hows it going?

  • heartbroken1234 -

    otay i guess :(

  • heartbroken1234 -

    hey i havent talked to you in a really long time

  • Sup3r! -

    not talked to you in a will.

    Can you go on MSN?

  • Kase -

    Oh...it was a hoot. between my parents insisting on I jam full my schedule and take summer school and me trying to save my summer...awesome experience. xP But I won in the end, hah.

    Photography! That sounds like a blast. We don't have that kind of courses here.

  • Kase -

    That's like me xP always trying to keep my head above water. The diploma is in june, so I'm preparing for it atm.

    Aw, how's the course picking going? I had to go through the same thing a couple of weeks ago. xD

  • Kase -

    I'm gooood. School drives me crazy sometimes! But other than that...xDDD

    Whatcha been up to?

  • COK3CAD3T -


  • Kase -

    Johnjohnjohnjohnnnneh :]

    How are ya?

  • Sup3r! -

    Hey, how come you aren't on MSN?

  • heartbroken1234 -

    hey... hehe

  • AngeLic -

    tyvm :)

  • xxjulyxx -

    thx bro thx so so much

  • heartbroken1234 -


  • heartbroken1234 -

    i got it but it wont send it email me please i think i sent my email already otay well bye

  • heartbroken1234 -


  • Sup3r! -

    Hey if you are there go on MSN please.

  • Sup3r! -

    When you come back say so, I am off to post whore and talk to Kase.

  • Kase -

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay. xD


    Eesh, doesn't seem like Alex is having a good day. Do you have msn? Let's trade and 3way convo with alex. Sounds fun. <3

  • Sup3r! -

    Sorry about that, I had to leave in a rush(bro came upstairs) I think everyone is asleep now.

    Im not feeling great, I had a huge arguement with my dad, and I have totally screwed up everything with my best mate and I am not looking forward to talking to him.

    Are you on MSN?

  • Kase -

    You're going to read this.

    No, don't deny it.

    You're reading it right now!

    Don't turn your eyes away. xD

    And to prove that, I know you'll have read this because you'll respond to it.