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  • Mayank -

    What happened?

  • Melly -

    :o sure, i'll write your exams, but how badly do you wanna fail? :lol:
    well, you'd end up with atleast an 80 :cool: i aint that stupid
    :rolleyes:yeah, cos we dont do bio and math here :lol:

    i know X( it's a bitch.

  • Melly -

    :lol: the key belongs to someone

    D: EWWWWWW . i'm SO not jealous. :( aww, good luck. what subjects are you taking? :lol: you're screwed if you have like a million sciences and math

    i've been okay, sleeping loads :p

  • Melly -

    LMFAO you didn't do anything :p it's all reserved.

    :lol: awwww. man up :p so what have you been upto?

  • Melly -

    LMFAO im kindda out of love :P sorry.

    How's you?

  • Melly -

    YOU! :O
    it's been forever !
    where's the love?

  • Küssen Sie &#9829; -

    dunno but im not from here :p

  • Melly -

    OMG n its ur fault :P

  • xxally -

    [COLOR=darkorchid]lol nahh i dont really like sleeping in[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkorchid]but its nice sometimess (:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkorchid]and haha ;)!![/COLOR]

  • xxally -

    [COLOR=darkorchid]hahah samee here just woke up =/[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkorchid]anddd thankss!!! <3[/COLOR]

  • xxally -

    [COLOR=darkorchid]heyyyy (:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkorchid]whats up!?[/COLOR]

  • Ashleylee -

    Lol mmhmm.

    Im rly good!!! How bout u??

  • Ashleylee -

    Haha ok go ahead and go for it!!! :)


  • Ashleylee -

    Haha hheecckk yes it would!! Yes it sounds like sooo much fun ;)

    Lol sure go for it xD ;) :)

    Haha yes you sure do!!!

    Aaawwwwwwwww ok :(. It was rly nice talking 2 u 2. Yes i am very veryhappy to met u :D. wuv u 2 <3

  • Ashleylee -

    Sweet paarrtaayy!!! I loovee to Party!! Me and Lindsay go party all the time:D. haha oh ok thats fine with me ;)

    Aww ty!!! Hahahah ;) :D :D

    :love1::kiss::hugs:. Go ahead hunny u can squeeze em all u want ;) :)

  • Ashleylee -

    Lol yay for us both being awesome!!:thumbsup::clap:

    Haha i knew it!! Its ok i forgives u. I know u couldent help it..i mean they are just soo freakn awesome ;) :) :D:lolz:

    :love1::hugs::kiss:. ohh i like 2 get frisky. it sounds veerryy fun ;)

  • Ashleylee -

    hahaha well i think ur rly awesome:D

    Haha i knew it!!! Ohh u were sooo looking!! admit it!! xD :) ;) haha see i knewz it

    Haha yeah i totally agree. And im sure u would be!!!!

    :love1::hugs::kiss:. Haha yea i know 2 bad right??

  • Ashleylee -

    Haha yea i know right!! Im just soo freakn aweosome. I didnt do it on purpose still learning how to use this site:rolleyes:.

    Haha aaaww Ty :). LOL!!! u likey da boobies hu???? :p

    Aww im sure it did. Haha aaww ty i think u would make a wonderful teddy bear 2!! ;) :) :D. lol okz ill give u a good snuggel ;)

    Haha aawwww ty!! u are soo freakn sweet!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3. Lol i love ur list!!!


  • Ashleylee -

    Haha aaww ty :) :D:D

    Awww ur soooo sweet. Haha Yeah thax i try to keep in shape as much as i can!!! I do tennis and work-out whenever i can!!!!!

    I know omg u need someone to snuggel with now!!! Haha woah wait wat??:confused:. Lolololololol yeah just a little bit dont u think? Hahaha ookk i will ;)

    Ty!! I know ive said this before lol but u seem like a rly cool, sweet, chill guy. Just fun to be around xD :) :D.

    And nope i sure dont.....:(


  • xoLindsayxo -

    yea i've known her since i was a weee little baby hehe

  • lcrazy -

    hi :)

  • xoLindsayxo -

    grew up here in north carolina, i moved in with my bff last year. i love my Ashley :)

  • xoLindsayxo -

    yea i like it here, it's a lot of fun. i like partying alot :)

  • Ashleylee -

    Lol np!!! hahah umm heck no!!! defiently not a guy :(.

    Well thats good im glad u like me 2. and yes same here :) ;)

    Haha oh ya did? well thats 2 bad!! U need someone to snuggel with???? Ill be your teddy bear ;)


  • xoLindsayxo -

    lol is it that bad over there? and awwww so sweeet :) :hugs:

  • Ashleylee -


    Awww u seem like a very sweet and cool guy :). Ok good u better!!! xD ;).

    Haha hai there. Lol :D

    I think so, i like u so far!! :) <3

    :love1: 2!

  • xoLindsayxo -

    oh ok, waaaaaayyyy over there lol :p only one more yr ughh no fair!! i have two more years :(

  • Ashleylee -

    Hehe aaww ty:hugs::kiss:. U are not bad lookin at all urself ;) :D.

    And nope i am currently single.....

    And its fine i dont mind it at all. I like flirty sweet guys!!!

    *huggss** :)

  • xoLindsayxo -

    so are you going to 11th or 12th grade?

  • xoLindsayxo -

    yes im fine hehe :)
    and i like that shirt too, my mom got that for me a couple yrs ago