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  • warrior3jb -

    No worries. I'm Jeff :D

  • Whambamthankyoumam -

    Shut up you dick

  • RockMeBaby<3 -

    Well, the past couple months have been hard and I thought things were finally turning around but than on Tuesday night this week well, yeah I guess not. So yeah, it's been hard but I think now after everything that's happened maybe things will turn around but I don't know.

    and wow, that was the first time someone ever asked me, the Support Leader, what was wrong. ahaha.:o:(

  • Saradactyl -

    Awesome. Give me an im. I am currently online.

  • Saradactyl -

    Alas. I missed you. Maybe I will catch you online next time?

  • gardenhead -

    Hey Ms. Octopus, so I take it that you finally left?

    You never get on msn though. Haha :p


    Haha. Nice rep. I'll be on. That pretty much gets me on anything. BONG! Much luff.

  • Neal -

    Yo, I don't have MSN actually, I only have Internet at school computers. Alrighty well take care then.

  • Jordan132 -

    hi,how is it going?

  • Neal -

    Yea it's way over 100% full more Mayank spam so how's about [EMAIL="LonelyNoone@Hotmail.com"]LonelyNoone@Hotmail.com[/EMAIL]?

  • djn -

    hii hows u today

  • Neal -

    I think I got it. I saw AccessDenied's account was closed, but now reopen. But something to do with corruption from administration side.

  • gardenhead -

    Hey Lyra, how's your day going?

  • Evadne -

    Oy, you defend yourself well. You have successfully changed my mind about everything. With your response, you have proven yourself to be a mature human being.

    I'm impressed.

  • Pipkin -

    Hi back.

  • djn -


  • djn -

    any time:D

  • Em -

    You shouldn't have! XOX

  • Em -

    Deary it said you can't recieve pms D:

  • Betty -

    Hello :)
    How are you?
    And how is Poppi?

  • Kevin -

    How sweet of Poppi to donate all her money to you.

  • Butthurt Burt -

    Okay, good night

  • Butthurt Burt -

    Cool, if you want chat on MSN mine is [email]kris123456789@live.com[/email]

  • Butthurt Burt -

    Hi Lyra.

    How's it going? :)

  • xoCLO -

    Hey Lyra! Sorry for the late reply, I was visiting my dads at the weekend and didn't get a chance to come online. Thanks for the invite to join your friends, I was very happy to join! :D

    Oh yeah, I completely understand why you don't come on that much, I don't blame you! Do you enjoy working there, though? Aww, well I'm always happy to talk and listen, I'm a friendly person to people who I trust and feel comfortable talking to (I.E people like you & Poppi.)

    I look forward to speaking more to you,

    Love always, Chloe. xo

  • xoCLO -

    [B][COLOR=royalblue]Heya Lyra![/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR=royalblue]I'm Poppi's friend, Chloe.[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR=royalblue]I thought I would pop by and pass you a message.[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR=royalblue]Hope you're ok.[/COLOR][/B]

  • Evadne -

    Right. I'm sorry, I thought you were a nice reasonable person when I saw you posting around the forums. Now I see you're probably a prejudiced little princess. I'm honestly glad I never spoke to you before and I regret having spoke to you before. You got someone infracted because he tried to set himself on peaceful terms with you, and you try to send him on a guilt trip for it.
    And you lied to me. You did not say, "I do not want to talk about it" or something neutral along those terms, you reaction was the equivalent of, "OMG DON'T TALK TO ME GO AWAY I COULD DIE IF YOU GET TOO CLOSE!11!!!"

  • Evadne -

    I'm [B]sorry[/B] if you have a long day and things are hard, but that is [B]never[/B] an excuse to lash out at people, especially for being nice. My mom has 2 days off, technically one, the rest of teh days she either goes to school for 10 hours and comes home to study for more, or she goes to school for 11 and comes home to study for more, or she works for 13 - 14 hours a day where her manager is trying to spread rumors about her being a bad employee and giving her the short end of the stick whenever he can when she is a great employee -- all because he just doesn't like her, but she has [I]never[/I] lashed out at someone tryign to clear things up with her. And you know why? Because it is [B]not[/B] an excuse. The thought that working hard is ever a reason to treat people badly is a disgusting mentality.

    And no, don't worry about reporting me for bugging you or responding, you can even delete this messagebecause I will be blocking you and I won't be stepping on your toes any further.

  • Corax -

    Please do not take your bad days out on other people. I am sorry you've had one, but that is no excuse to reply so very rudely to me and to my friend. I did not "relentlessly pursue" you for any other reason than that I felt wronged, and wanted to set things right and explain myself.

    [I]You[/I], on the other hand, seem set in believing that I'm yelling at you and demanding that you tell me everything I want to know [I]or else.[/I] I am not. I have no right or power to demand anything of you, nor would I if I had that right and power.

  • Evadne -

    Uhm, may I say something?
    I don't think Farseer meant to upset you... I think he just wanted to know why you're upset with his post. He didn't want your sole attention, nor did he wanna demand you reply, he just wanted a private explanation. If you didn't wanna explain, you just hadda say, "I don't wanna go into it."