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  • Goddess of Judecca -

    Some say I'm charismatic, and some say I'm painfully abrasive. Depends who you ask.

    Do you mean being obnoxious and bitchy or "charming"?

  • Goddess of Judecca -

    I think I get perma-banned after a certain number of infraction bans or somethingsomethingIdon'tgiveafuck. I'm up to...five infraction points, I think. Or maybe four. I dunno. But that's not bad after being back only a few days.

    With me, they just give me infractions when they feel like it. Plenty of times I didn't break any rules or insult anyone, but they just did anyway. The mods and admins aren't particularly fond of me, for whatever reason. Weirdos.

  • Zebra -

    Haha, so they're not 'perma' bans? Seems so over-exaggerated when they ban people. Takes a whole "five minutes" to change your IP, and make a new account.

    Oh, and they usually realize it. It's just, the moderaters are so busy trying to be "neutral" that it's hard to prove it's a real insult, if I don't directly insult them.

    That's pretty entertaining though, that you've been banned so many times, haha.

  • Goddess of Judecca -

    And they're too stupid to pick up on the insults?

    I've been banned a bunch of times. I left after last time I got banned for 6 months or something and just came back recently. I'll probably leave again next time I get banned, which should be soon.

  • Goddess of Judecca -

    Ah, I see. I quite like that term, actually. There are so many people like that. Makes me wanna kick puppies.

    How is it you've not been banned yet?

  • Goddess of Judecca -

    There are buttloads of good-looking girls on here, far more so than I. o_O

    Uh, what's a "circle jerk"? There are a lot of morons on here, I'll admit that. It's really the only reason I come - to be amused by them.

  • Goddess of Judecca -

    Vague, presumptuous conclusions are always fun.

    I suppose the latter would be an ego boost, but since I wouldn't believe you anyway, there seems no point in lying. As long as you have no plans of e-stalking me, it's all good.

  • Goddess of Judecca -

    Maybe I'm not brutally honest. Maybe I'm just a bitch.

  • Goddess of Judecca -

    You mean the conversation with the dude that can't type worth shit?


  • dh226 -

    heyy youre from maryland? what part?

  • Hells_Angel -

    I'm good thanks right now.
    And i do have trouble making friends.
    I don't like many teens my age in the area i live in cause they're not very nice
    I'm too shy to talk to people in real life, but i'm confident on the internet.

  • Evadne -


  • imonica -

    hey Im monica....duh. How are you?!

  • chassmarie -

    I can't ever really sleep at night, I don't know why. It's crazy, my friend passed out on me.
    I hear Maryland is nice : )

  • Rubyz -

    That's creepy man, but I like the hair. :)

  • armyforthebroken -

    Okay :) I'll do that right now.

  • armyforthebroken -

    I'm more of a Canon person, hah.

    AIM: PaixAmourJenn
    MSN: [email]PaixAmourJenn@hotmail.com[/email]

    :) The drama with my friend is uber long. I'd have to start with the beginning and I don't want to scare you away just yet :p

  • armyforthebroken -

    No, I disagree with that statement. I really like your avatar much better, hah. What camera do you use exactly?

    I'm also going to take pictures! *Two thumbs up with a cheesy smile.*

    Hah and I'm good, sort of. Drama with my friend, though. How about you? How are you?

  • armyforthebroken -

    I honestly love your avatar. I think it's pretty epic :)
    Are you a photographer?


  • Cat -

    It should be Windows Live Messenger. I'll add you in a bit, gotta sign on.

  • Cat -

    Damn you, damn you to hell for your first reply haha j/k, Whats up?