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  • qaf4ever -

    hey wheres sexville

  • ~P&D~4-Life= ) -

    Hi = )

  • qaf4ever -

    sup dude

  • fantasticjoe -

    hi,wud u mind if i bcame your buddy

  • aNgEl_* -

    hey im new wat is yur workout cuz i want pecks and abbs like yurs

  • Laura95 -

    HEY how are you ??X

  • horselover101 -

    HEYYY whats up i am new on here and i would love to meet new friends

  • Ripplemagne -

    That's the case everywhere. :P

  • Titus Pullo -

    Hahaha, I haven't been on here in weeks either. Eh, I've just started working again, and started karate up again too.. and piano lessons, Japanese at college, working out and running, partying.. hah I've been pretty busy, and tired. But fuck it, you're only young once.

    Haha, don't worry, I'm a lazy bastard too. :p But if you enjoy life, so what? :D

    Aww, he dumped you? Sorry to hear that sweetheart. But you know.. there are tons of greats guys who would fall at your feet. Just have fun.. I guess. >_>

    How was Australia? (apart from the dumping bit) Did you take any pictures of people with funny hats? ^__^

    O RLY? A KITTY? Is it fluffy? :O!

  • Nick09 -

    Aww :( Come back babe, it's not the same without you :hugs:

  • Puddle-Jumper -

    Your profile picture is awesome

  • aussieguy -

    Is his pics really him?

  • Nick09 -

    Ruby :hugs:

    Welcome back

  • Titus Pullo -

    OMG, you came back! Even if it's just for VMs. \^_^/

    Oh you know, I've been good. Busy working, and taking more time to enjoy life.

    Anyway, how's life at the top? You said you didn't want to come here anymore because life had gotten better, is it still going sweet? Does it.. have something to do with a boy? :O!

    I read your leaving thread, it was awesome how you kneed a couple of people in the grapes before leaving. :p

  • Ripplemagne -

    Sort've. I poke in every now and then to see what's new. :P

  • Titus Pullo -

    This place sucks without you around.

    Get back here!

  • Ripplemagne -

    Rubyz. <3

  • AccessDenied -

    I am no longer interested in anything you have to say to me or, about me, other than tell you right now to Get Lost and don't come back to my profile page to crap all over my VM's.

    Your greatest fault is, you are boring.

  • pete -


  • Evadne -

    ?!?!??!!?!?!?! :( :(

  • Johnny Bravo -

    Bye bye :(

  • Nick09 -

    Bye bye Ruby :hugs: :(

  • Evadne -

    hells yes

    and I'll sit on the beach waving my cane at middle aged people insisting that they are kids that need to get off my lawn :3

  • Erik! -



    But seriously, he sounds really nice and you sound really happy.
    I'm really happy for you, lovely Rubie. :lovey:

  • Erik! -

    You lost your notes?!
    And it's my first exam!!

    OH I SEE.
    Besides, I'm kind of jealous of the dude. He gets to be with you and stuff. Psh. HE BETTER BE GOOD ENOUGH. :mad:

    I like parties. ;)

  • hheartstrongg -

    come play!!!


  • Evadne -

    but then I can get a cane D=

  • Erik! -

    Gah! :cries:
    I know how you feel, Miss Rubie, my love.
    GOOD LUCK. Don't worry, you'll do amazingly well.

    w00t! :boogie2:
    Hey, I told you so, miss. No one can help but desperately fall in love with the Rubie.
    You must give me dirty details, as soon as exams are finished, okay? ;)

    I'll be free of school on June 10.
    But first exams from 20th May to 10th June. :(

  • Corax -

    Yes I do! I've never ignored you.